Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1, 2011: Mom's Letter to Eric

Dear Eric,

First of all we are very happy to hear that you were not hurt
in the storms of last week! Did any tornadoes touch down
near your area? Was anyone you know hurt or had damage
to their homes or anything? I hope all is well and things will
improve for you folks there in the South!!

I don't remember in Ohio if we had those sirens or not.
If we did I don't remember them! I do know when we still lived
back there. There was a really horrible tornado that went thru a town
called Zenia I think. It was a mess. And took a long time for the
people to recover from.

So how has every thing been going for you these last few days?
Are you still riding the bike alot? we enjoyed the last pictures you
sent! It looks like a birthday party for somebody there? Was it
a member or investigator?

I guess you got the package we had sent last week. I hope the stuff arrived ok.
Were the tortillas still alright? Remember to keep them in the fridge.
Did you find any speakers for the cd player yet?

I think we have some Church cds or you do somewhere here at home.
If you need us to send any we can if u want!

Yesterday we took the girls up to Madera Canyon for a nice hike
and it was beautiful weather! Alittle windy but cool like in the low
80's! Anyways the kids were running way ahead of your Dad and me!
We thought they would get tired and Gina with her asthma would
start coughing but they had fun. And in school they each had gotten
these Pizza Hut reading certificates. So we got their little personal
pan pizzas and they enjoyed that!

Today there was a really cool breeze and it was like 73 . We had all the windows
open in our house it was great! But this week we are to warm up in the
low to mid 90's!! Summer will be upon us soon. I remember at your graduation
it was pretty HOT!
Nicole really loves to watch those National Geographic Wildlife shows now!
She watches some scary stuff on there and doesn't even get scared it's wierd!

We talked to josh and his nice family tonight. they are all doing well.
Hyrum and Josh will have birthdays this Friday and Saturday!
I guess Hyrum is having a baseball party! I told them to take some
pictures! We will try to call them this weekend too!

talked to Kevin he is doing well. He graduates on May 11th at 6:00 pm.
We are going to go up to Mesa that day and maybe spend the night too.
it should be fun. He told me tonite he has 2 dates most likely lined up for
this week! He says there are pretty girls up there! your Dad told Kevin
he needs to have 3 dates for the week! ha! ha!

Well we are looking forward to being able to talk to you in a few days!
Josh was saying in his ward the Bishop was saying the Missionaries
there could do skype and do the webcam to talk to there families.
Have you heard about that? Do you have a phone card to use or what?

One of these days we will send you some pictures. Sorry we haven't yet!
So tell me what you have been doing? Is your Companion getting better?
Anymore sleeping at the discussions? Well Taft and Mathan are going to
be coming home soon from their Missions soon. And then Alex Bosse
leaves I think June 4th or something. Time flies! I can't believe how
long you have been gone either, And school is out in 2 weeks!!

Well stay safe! And take a breather every now & then! Have a great week!
Talk to you soon, Love Mom and family

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