Monday, March 28, 2011

Pictures from ERIC'S APARTMENT!

March 28, 2011: PICTURE UPDATE!

March 28, 2011: Eric's Letter to Mom

Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 14:50:48 -0400
Subject: Re: HELLO!!
From: Eric Nelson
To: Lisa Nelson

HELLO FAMILIA! I have been doing great! i hope u guys liked the few pictures and letters i was able to get out! I wanna let u know that i am in the deseret news i think, or church news or something! I told dad about it in his email, i hope u guys can see it! and get a hold of it! :) im supposedly on the front page of the deseret newspaper :) thatd be awesome to see for u guys! GA is amazing! we just enlarged our ward boundaries! like they dissolved another ward and gave half of it to us! so we have a huge area here now! like a 2 hour bike ride to the top and to the bottom of our area! were right in the middle right now! so maybe we'll get a car! haha but i doubt it.. i think im gonna be staying here in Marietta another transfer! i think they're gonna take elder fisher out and give me a elder that has been out really long and they'll make me senior comp cause i know the area! but that's my opinion.. they may keep elder fisher and i together cause we have a lot of new area also! but we don't know! haha we'll know in a week and a half! But i love it here in Marietta! i wouldn't mind staying another transfer! WAFFLE HOUSE is everywhere down here! haha u cant go like a mile without seeing at least 2 or 3 haha! and its a common place to eat! instead of Safeway they have a store names Kroger.. and a lot of other different things.. i live right next to a Target and a Home Depot and a wells fargo.. but for Southern Meals? na i really don't think i've had many haha! i've prob had like 2 or 3! because a lot of the real Georgians have moved out and there are a lot of "transplants" here haha or people from UT and everywhere else! haha
That's awesome Kevin is getting better! i have been praying for him! and that u guys have enjoyed spending time with josh! let me know how the trip/move goes okay?
Today we got together as a district again.. like every p-day and played board games and stuff haha! were gonna go thrift store shopping in a little bit and maybe food shopping later! i hope Shaun or Kevin can relay my awesome experience with reney and my mission president letter to u all! and what pres wrote back to me! :) yesterday Mark Jones got up on Fast&Testimony and bore his testimony again! this time he sang a little bit with his nasty raspy voice from smoking hahahahahahahahahahahahhahahahahahahahaah :) it was the best thing to ever happen to me!

i don't have much more time but im doing great! i will try to write Kevin back! and can u guys print out my driving record? i know aunt Susan knows how to do it.. and it costs like 3 dollars online.. and i send dad my license #! :) thank you guys so much!!! Alma 29:9 is my favorite scripture haha :) i hope u guys got that! i gotta run! we gotta run! but i hope u guys have a great and wonderful week! ill try to send a few other pics in another email! :) but know that i love u guys and i will be able to call in like a month and a half :) hahah! so another transfer away! ill be out for 4 1/2 months by then!! craziness! hahaha

Love Always!
Elder Nelson

March 28, 2011: Mission President's Letter to Eric

Thank you for sharing that wonderful experience you and Elder Teulilo had while teaching Reney. You are learning such great and valuable lessons as a young missionary. Keep that spirit with you your entire mission. Do not ever let any other missionaries influence you to do less than your best or to accept not being valiant! You are a great missionary and I am very excited to have you here in the mission.

March 28, 2011: Eric's Letter to Dad

Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 14:20:42 -0400
Subject: Re: Hello Elder
From: Eric Nelson
To: Mike Nelson

hey dad! MY Favorite scripture is Alma 29: 9 ..."I know that which the lord hath commanded me.." My service dates are Feb 2011- Feb 2013.. don't know if u need anything else! if u do just ask me :) hey i need to ask u guys something okay? I need u guys to get a copy of my driving record online... my license # is _____ and you guys should have my social #.. but its crazy here! they just dissolved a ward in my district! so now we have half of the 3rd area (powder springs) so we have a huge are now! and i may be going to a car soon.. transfers are on 6th of April and next monday we are having a pig roast! haha its gonna be awesome! :) ima have to take pics for u guys!!!!! :) hey i got a letter from my mission president today! ill copy and paste what he wrote in the next section:

"Thank you for sharing that wonderful experience you and Elder Teulilo had while teaching Reney. You are learning such great and valuable lessons as a young missionary. Keep that spirit with you your entire mission. Do not ever let any other missionaries influence you to do less than your best or to accept not being valiant! You are a great missionary and I am very excited to have you here in the mission." -President Satterfield

That was so awesome to get in my email! Elder Teulilo is a ZL, who was in my area last week! it was so awesome! i learned so much! hes been out for like 21 months or so! hes Tongan, and hes gonna be killing the pig next Monday for the roast! haha were excited!

WOW! hahah thats a lot of tickets for only 1 token! :) good job! that's awesome! thank you for the great letters! time to write mom back right now! oh ya, when i was in the mtc a photographer for the deseret news or some huge church magazine was going to follow a district of missionaries through the MTC! he followed my district and some members came up to me yesterday saying i was on the FRONT PAGE of a lot of them! haha so if u guys could find that magazine somehow and get a bunch of copies that would be awesome! :) i gotta run! adios! I love u paps!
Elder Nelson

March 28, 2011: Eric's President's Letter (and response)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Eric Nelson
Date: Mon, Mar 28, 2011 at 11:26 AM
Subject: my last letter to the mission president
To: Kevin Nelson

This is my last letter to Pres Satterfield

Hello President Satterfield. How are you doing where you’re at? Here in the Kennesaw Mountain area we are doing fabulous. We did what we could last week; a lot of people were out of town for some reason. A few weeks ago Elder Fisher went on an exchange with the Powder Springs Elders and I was with Elder Fruean. We did a lot of work. And felt pretty accomplished at the end of our exchange. Last week we were on an exchange with the Lost Mountain Elders. I was with Elder Calcote and I learned a lot on how to become a better teacher. Sorry I am just telling you about them now, I didn’t know I was suppose to tell you about the exchanges until the other day. Yesterday and today I have been here in Kennesaw Mountain area with Elder Teulilo. He is an amazing missionary. Out of all the exchanges, he is the one that I have learned the most from. Every time he bears testimony, it invites the spirit because it is just so pure and sincere. We had a great time learning from each other. We had the spirit so strong with us last night when we were able to shed the spirit forth to an investigator with our Ward Mission Leader present. We began with a kneeling prayer and invited the spirit. Next we used beginning teaching to help get across our purpose. And then throughout the whole lesson it was an intense spirit there, and towards the end, I felt prompted to invite her to be baptized! So I did for the first real time here in the mission field and she accepted! It was amazing! And then I had her pray the way we as Latter-Day Saints pray, and kneel at the end. And I told her, “Reney, when you ask to know these things are true, stop in your prayer and listen for the spirit to confirm the truth of it unto you. And if you are really sincere you will get an answer!” She prayed and stopped after she asked, at this time I don’t think I ever prayed so much for the spirit to manifest himself unto her. She stopped and started to cry and sniffed a few times and ended the prayer with thanks towards Heavenly Father for answering her prayers and sending us (Elder Teulilo and myself) to her. It was an amazing experience! It was such a great exchange! I learned so much from Elder Teulilo, such as being a better missionary! He is a great Elder and I am so thankful I had the opportunity to serve a day with him! It was such a humbling time. Elder Sly from Lost Mountain is coming to spend the rest of the exchange with me today. I have a feeling it will be awesome also. Just like all of the other exchanges. I learn so much every time. Thank you. I hope you have a great week President! I love you and hope to hear from you soon.

-Elder Nelson

Here's his response:

"Thank you for sharing that wonderful experience you and Elder Teulilo had while teaching Reney. You are learning such great and valuable lessons as a young missionary. Keep that spirit with you your entire mission. Do not ever let any other missionaries influence you to do less than your best or to accept not being valiant! You are a great missionary and I am very excited to have you here in the mission.

March 28, 2011: President's Letter

Dear President Satterfield,

Goal: 1 5 5 5 3 15 60
Actual: 1 3 7 10 5 20 53

Hello President Satterfield! How are you doing in Peachtree City? How is Sister Satterfield doing? I am loving it here in Marietta! There is so much work going on because we have been working hard! The last letter I wrote to you I was on exchanges with Elder Sly from Lost Mountain. We had a great exchange! A lot of work was able to be accomplished, and I learned many awesome ways to teach people, such as when talking about the Great Apostasy, Elder Sly compared it to a glass table. The legs of the table, (The Apostles and organization of the church), fell out and the glass came down and shattered, (The Gospel). And other churches tried to piece it back together the best they could, but it wasn’t complete, so there had to be a Restoration! I thought it was an awesome way to make the Great Apostasy easier to understand. Elder Fisher and I are doing very well! The members love us and were working hard and the time is just flying by! I love you guys! Thank you so much for all the many things you and Sister Satterfield do!


Elder Eric Nelson

Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27, 2011: Mom's Letter to Eric

Dear Eric,

How have you been lately? I hope great.
We sure enjoyed getting your nice letter
and pictures the other day in the mail!!

Sounds like you like your area and your
companion so that is good. And Georgia
is keeping you in good hands I can tell!

I hope this computer will work long enough
for me to write this email! You know how that goes.

So tell me all that is happening with you.
We had some chicken tonight and so I
was thinking about you and if you had
a southern meal fixed for you yet?

I know you had said that the members fix
alot of spaghetti or lasagna and brownies!!
I guess they figure that that is a common
type of food and that most people would like it!!

Just got done talking to Kevin a little bit ago.
He was going to be having a dinner soon as
his roommate's parents had made some food and
were going to be sharing it with everybody!
He was excited to get that! He says he is feeling
better from his pneumonia- still coughs but
it's getting better so that is good!

In your letter you had asked what is pneumonia.
Well it is an infection in the lungs caused by
a bacteria. It can be serious if not treated with
antibiotics! So watch out for that when you are out there
as it is contagious.

We enjoyed spending some time with Josh this past
week and weekend! He spent the nights for a couple
of days and we had dinner with him and last night we
took him and the girls to the Peter Piper Pizza place
over across from Park Mall. It is a huge place has tons
of games and even a big spinning ride like the fair in it!
The girls won lots of tickets and got a few prizes to take
home too!

Josh said he wanted to spend some time with us so that
was really nice that he wanted to be near us. They are moving back
to Minnesota this Friday. Lisa and the kids just drove out and
are up in Phoenix for her brother Brian's wedding tomorrow evening.
then they will come to Tucson on Wednesday and Thursday to pack
up the house and their storage unit stuff! i am going to be watching
the kids so they can pack and Grandma Nancy will be too!
Then we are having a dinner and little birthday celebration for
Lisa on Wednesday night.

This will be a busy week for us. i work 3 days this week and will be
spending time with Josh and his family before they leave too!

Today we went on a walk and I told the girls I felt like I needed
to call Eric up on the phone and invite him for dinner tonight!
It seemed like you were still over at Gigi's house!
Weird I know but it felt like that! When I said that Gina was all
happy! She said "Eric is coming"? I had to explain it to her.

Your sisters sure do miss you Eric. Nicole said just the other day
that "I wish Eric would come back, I miss him!"
Just keep sending them letters it helps them I think!
How is the bike riding coming along? Is the weather getting hotter?

This week we are to be in the 80's maybe hit 90 on Friday and set
a record!! I'm dreading the hot summer to come. I know you are to.
You won't have the higher temps but the HUMIDITY!!

I guess there is good and bad in all places. We have to put up with
some good and some bad too!
Well I hope you are having good luck with your teachings there.
Do you need anything? Make sure you let us know okay?
When are the next transfers? Do you think you will be staying there
or moving? We hope you have a FUN p-day.

What are your plans for the day? I bet the day flies by on Monday doesn't
it?!! Well take it easy and the best of luck for the coming week! We
love you keep up the good work! 'Til next week! Love Mom

Hey Eric,
It's your Pa again. Was your scripture Alma 13: 27-30?

March 27, 2011: Dad's Letter to Eric

How's it going big Fella? This is your pa speaking. I need to know your favorite scripture again. I am trying to get all the info to the Bishop for your plaque and have misplaced the paper you wrote out. I saw the paper about a week ago and now can't find it. Besides the mission name: Georgia Atlanta Mission, Is there anything else I need to know to for the plaque? Was your Favorite scripture in Alma 42?
Things are well here. We have completed several jobs and have a few smaller ones to do. I hope we can get some big ones again. Things I'm sure will continue good I'm sure.
How are things? We took Josh to Peter Piper Pizza across from Park Mall. It is brand new and huge inside. I rolled one token into a machine and hit a jackpot and over 230 tickets rolled out. The girls had great fun with both using up tokens and in cashing in the tickets. The pizza was okay.
How goes the work? I am sure that within two months it will pick up quite a bit more with President Monson asking that we double our convert baptisms.
It is going to be fun listening to conference this week end. I bought the CDs from the last conference that day we went to take out you endowment and have enjoyed them a lot.
Is there anything you need from us? I am going to sign out now. We love you a lot and hope all is well with you. Talk to you soon. Love , Dad

Monday, March 21, 2011

A Few More Pictures of Eric from Marietta GEORGIA!

March 21, 2011: Eric's Letter

Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 11:54:42 -0400
Subject: Re: Monday Monday!!!
From: Eric Nelson
To: Lisa Nelson

HHHEEYYY mom and family! how r things back at home? I'm doing great here in Marietta! we had a great week of work! last sat was reALLY warm! like 80s with humidity! haha but its all good, doing the lords work makes it all worth it! :) Biking is great! i have gained like 6 or so pounds! but i think like 4 or 5 of it is muscle in my legs from pedaling everyday! hsahah! hopefully u guys git my letter and pictures i sent out last sat! :) hopefully ull get them in a few days! That sounds like a great dinner! the past 3 nights at members homes we've had spaghetti! haha and every dinner appt u get either cake and brownies mixed together or cookies hahah! and they all try to feed u as much as they can cause they think u don't get alot of food hahahh :) its great tho! i wouldn't trade it! the members are so great here! we got them to love us and the bishop loves me! so that makes the work soooo much better! and it helps us out with missionary work! cause the members get motivated and have us by to teach their friends! :) hahah! naaa, i have 2 packs done with so far! only 2 more to go! :) they're so great tho! i love the AZ tortillas! :) they make life so much better! haha! I may have a package in the coming weeks of stuff ill be sending home to u guys! :) ill keep u updated on that! :)
How did Jacobs party go? i hope well! did any one ask about me there? Sportsman's Warehouse? :) how'd i guess?! hahah can u guys send me a few more pens from there when ever u guys send another package? :) i love the sportsman's warehouse pens! and they represent AZ/Tucson/Phoenix! hahaha :) i have some family pics up infront of my desk! i sent u guys a few of them! in my card on Sat! :) and i have an AZ postcard of the sunset and az temple pics up there haha and those pics we took as a family the last night i saw kev-bo.. jhahha!
There's an urgent care place in SAH now? hahah wow that town is growing a ton! sorry to hear about every one getting sick! especially kevin and gina! that's not cool! ill keep them in my prayers! yup, at our house there's a bench set in there, with like 225 lbs for weight to throw on the bar! :) so i get to work out seldomly! its kinda hard cause were so tired from biking all day and im to lazy to workout in the morning! haha its too hard! My health has been great! i thought i was getting something last week, i started to have a runny nose and stuff, but it was just like a day thing, and things cleared up soon after that!

Keep me updated on Kevin's status! how do u get pneumonia anyways?
Things here have been going great! we had turner and his family drop us for baptism cause he said he knows that Joseph Smith saw what he claims he did but he didn't like church whatsoever! and he wants to find church by his own, we'll follow up on him soon, he doesn't understand what he told us, if he knows J.S. is true, then hes a prophet and baptism is the correct step. we think its something else.. but last night i had one of the most spiritual experiences on my mission! we went to the hospital to give a guy a blessing that was going through heart surgery this morning! and we talked, and straight chaos was going on.. nothing but pandemonium! so much noise! and then as i sealed the blessing and continued with the blessing, all of that was silenced from my ears, i couldn't hear any of that.. the spirit was guiding me completely on what to say! i don't even know what i was saying! i was the vessel and the spirit took over any gave the blessing and completely brought peace to the situation! when i finished, we were all in tears, it was the most remarkable, amazing experiences on my mission so far! we were all in tears! and then we ended with 2 Nephi 4:20-25 i believe... way awesome experience! :)
its a pretty big place were staying in, ill have to get pictures or something later... we have our own kitchen..

I will let u guys know if i need anything! :) thank you guys so much for everything u have done for me! i love u guys! and i will try to hand write gma later tonight! if not tell her happy belated birthday okay?! and tell her thank you for all the awesome mail she has sent me! i love it so much! :)

Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 20, 2011: Dad's Letter

From: Mike Nelson
To: Eric Nelson
Subject: how's it going?
Date: Sun, 20 Mar 2011 22:07:50 -0600

Dear Elder Eric,

This week we had the pleasure of having Kevin with us for all week. He was on spring break and came down. It was fun having him here. He and Nicole went rabbit hunting Thursday and Kevin got a jack rabbit with his 22 mag and Nicole followed up with a few B-Bs to make sure it was dead. She said after she shot it that a worm was stuck coming out it's butt.
We finished the job on the mountain on Tuesday and I am so glad for that. It was $35 every day just for gas!
I hope you are doing well and that you have many opportunities every week, even every day, to share your testimony. That is one of the most fun things to do in this life, that is, sharing your testimony.
We were at Uncle Fred's yesterday for Jacobs birthday party and Grandpa Nelson asked if you had eaten any Southern Fried Chicken yet. I told him that I hadn't heard yet if you had. Well, have you? I hope you are being fed well there and that all is well with your stomach!
I hear the humidity is up and I khow the temperature has been up. Well I feel for you.You share that challenge as did Shaun and Kevin. We had some humidity in Peru that mostly came off the ocean and it got hot, yet I remember the humid winters more with a humidity that could penetrate even a good coat. Home was a welcome relief every cold evening.
What can we do for you? Do you need anything? Do you need anything sent to you? We are well here. Don't worry any about us.
The prophet has asked for twice the convert baptisms. We will pray for you and for us that we may be part of the growth.
I will write you again soon. Take care, Love, Dad

March 20, 2011: Mom's Letter

Dear Eric,

How are you doing? Did you have a great week?
we hope all is well with you.
Looks like you guys are getting warm there too!
How is the bike riding coming along?

I am trying to get the dinner ready.
having some yummy fish, brown rice,
asparagus, and brownies! Wish you
could join us! How are the dinners there
in Georgia? Do you eat at members homes
most every night?

Did you get down with the tortillas yet?
We will have to send you some more soon.

Yesterday we went to your cousin Jacob's 11th
birthday party at Uncle Fred's house.
Visited for awhile then met Josh up in
Tucson and went to the Sportsman's Warehouse.
I of course went to the Savers!!
Then we took Josh and Kevin to the Golden Corral
for dinner. It was a fun and busy day!

Gina started not feeling good yesterday. Had a slight
fever last night. Then woke up this am. and started screaming
that her right ear and right side of her neck hurting!
She was in pain so we took her to the new urgent care center
in Sahuarita this morning. The Nurse Practitioner checked her
out and everything looked ok are sending out a strep culture
just to rule that out! Maybe a virus who knows!! She has been
playing here at the house all afternoon. The girls go back to school
on Monday. I can finally work out again! I only worked out once
last week! Do you get to workout very much?

how has your health been? Do you have allergies there?
Kevin has been here all last week on his Spring Break too!
But he arrived here sick and got worse. He worked with your
Dad several days then felt really bad one of the days.
So he went to Urgent care and found out he has pneumonia!!
So Dr. put him on some antibiotics. I hope he gets over it!
He has his fire academy tomorrow and does alot of running etc!!
He is to get a chest xray in a few weeks to make sure the
pneumonia is gone!

You stay healthy you here me!! So tell me what you have been doing?
Are you having a baptism soon? You still haven't told us about how
your living arrangements are at the house you are staying in.
Is it a big place? Do you have your own kitchen?
Does that family that you stay with have any children?
Questions i know!! we just are wondering about you that's

Well I better be going for this letter. Can't wait to hear from you!
Do you need anything? Let us know ok?! Yesterday was
Grandma Nancy's bday so you might want to wish her a Happy Birthday!!

Much love to you, Love, Mom

Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 19, 2011: Kevin's Letter to Eric (regarding white trash tendencies)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kevin Nelson
Date: Sat, Mar 19, 2011 at 9:31 PM
Subject: Fag
To: Eric Nelson

Hey dude.. long time no see...
Freaking sucks man. I have pneumonia right now. So Im pretty much coughing up my lungs right now...I dont know how i got it think it started off as the flu then transformed into this wonderful little mess. Anyway i guess it was a good time to get sick right during spring break.. Didnt have to miss too much school that way...
Anyway this whole past week i have been back at the casa chillin' wt my peeps! haha Ya been sleeping on your bed. man that thing is freakin soft. I bet the beds in the field suck! I remember a couple of mine did anyway...

Dude the most white trash story in the world occurred this week... ready or not here it goes! So there we were, Nicole and myself, out in the desert this past week just doing a low-key harmless rabbit hunt. We had hunted the good part of the morning with little-to-no success. Having decided to come back to the casa due to our lack of success and had made it almost all the way back when one old jack decided to cross the road down by the mail boxes... My gut white trash instinct was trying to persuade me to shoot while it was in the road...but I resisted. He ran into the desert so off we went...Having made it to the wash I finally found him and took a running shot as he ran to avoid being killed...Freaking missed... So knowing that they usually don't go to far. Nicole and I booked it over to where he was when I took the shot...I could see him again.. had about 2 seconds to pull off a quickie...I hit him but the shot wasn't fatal and he ran off...Time to book it again So I ran like a ravaging beast through the desert in hopes of finding that poor little jack. But sure enough found him again..Standing broad side at nearly 40 yards the jack stood little chance for my 22 mag and soon became humbled to the earth quite quickly...Freakin killed it!!!

At this point Nicole was still catching up to me and didn't know that i had killed it...When she got to me I told her the direction it had ran she began to run after it...upon finding it I guess she either thought it was still alive or she was just blood thirsty but she proceeded to cock her BB gun. Once loaded she fired a shot into the already dead rabbit..."I got him Kevin.. I got him..." Then she loads another BB and shoots again.. Funny thing is she doesn't miss either.. like she knew exactly where to aim and all...Then she started loading another shot... By this time I was laughing at just how white trash Nicole is, but I had to stop the madness. We went over looked at the rabbit took pictures and Nicole asks... "when we are all finished... Kevin can i shoot the rabbit again"..So being the good brother that I am granted her wishes and she excelled in her white trash abilities...hahaha!

Anyway bro sorry for the long hunting story the has no spiritual relevance to it. That's what P-days are for though right? To get the well needed break from the work!

Love Kev

Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 13, 2011: Dad's Letter

Que pasa amigo? Almost done with the Mt. Lemmon job. That will be nice. Grovers never did call me back on their work. I'm sure you know how that is feeling not being able to get back into some homes after you make an initial visit.
I was looking at the Big Blue Calendar and noticed that on many Tuesdays in Atlanta, Georgia there is a Lifevantage meeting and looking closer at the same page it is held in no other than Marietta!! The address is 2252 Kilkenny Way !! The only meeting in Georgia and it is in Marietta. You guys ought to bust the meeting some evening, (maybe Tuesday) at 7 PM and tell them your dad is in the business and will soon be signing you up while you are out. You could ask them if they know Blue Elam or Colt Elam and mention they go to your same church back home in Sahuarita! David Milner and Richard Churchill are the contacts. May go somewhere?!
I won't make this too long as the computer many times disconnects us from the outside world without our knowing it and when we get ready to send out an e-mail it gets lost without being sent.

Hope all is well with you and you are acclimatizing more to beautiful Georgia. Hope the rain isn't too much. Kevin had as much rain on a bike I think and I'm sure it isn't fun. I very, very, very seldom had any rain on the coast of Peru. I got sand and dark rocks to look at and occasionally a plant to look at. There were some sugar cane fields and other types of farms to look at sometimes and they seemed so green but usually it was a lot of sand to look at.

We love you and hope the work is moving forward for you. I will write again soon. Love, Dad

Monday, March 7, 2011

Mar 7, 2011: Eric's Letter to Mom

Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2011 11:25:49 -0500
Subject: Re: Hi there!!
From: Eric Nelson
To: Lisa Nelson

Things are going great here in GA! i love it so much! Its hard on a bike and its pouring outside to do missionary work! they encourage us (on bikes) to stay in when its super badly pouring outside! so we stay safe and keep from getting sick.. work has been really good tho! it was slow, but looking back at the week, and our #s were really good for the weather delays!! :) It was cool the other day, we were inside and i was getting bored and was like "elder fisher, when are we going out?" (it was pouring outside) he was like "right now" hahaha so we got all rain proofed we could and went out! ... i wrote u guys a letter yesterday in Sundays lay-over time! :) it tells the whole story! i put it in the mailbox this morning! so hopefully u guys will have it in a few days! :) thank you guys so much for the goodie box! :) i loved it! we ate like almost all of the cookies and half of the rice crispies so far! :) hahah

But ya, were keeping busy! we have exchanges tomorrow-thursday! and ima have a missionary from the powder springs area here on the bike with me! hahah! his name is Elder Fruean! hes somoan, if u remember mom, we actually saw his profile before i left for my mission! its crazy to think! ive been out almost 2 month! its sooo crazy! Alex Boose is going to Bosnia? or Chile? haha :) that's awesome! hes gonna be a great missionary! so ill be home for like 4 or so months and then he'll get home! thats crazy!

The biking has been great! it def helps keep some of the pounds off! hahah ive gained a pound or 2 so far! We have been getting alot of rain towards the end of last week especially! and it pours so bad here! like one of the first times it rained here i was like.. "elder fisher, look, its pouring!... he was like na man, just wait!" hahaha and then a few minutes later it was like someone had a massive bucket and was dumping it everywhere! that explains why its so green! hahah Theres so much history everywhere! its so crazy!

Again, i loved the box of goodies! :) ima have to get some souveniers together here and send them back to you guys soon! :) so u can see GA in a nut shell! :) I bet u guys are excited for Spring Break! hahah that sounds like tons of fun with the girls! :) do u guys have anything planned for the break? :) and picnics or anything? i miss those picnics in the warm, (not hot) sun! haha thats awesome! im so glad u guys are having fun in AZ! what movie did u guys see? :) mom, who do u thinks gonna win American Idol? :)

Aunt Susan wrote me an email today, saying a guy from up there in tucson was called to Georgia! but hes spanish Speaking! thats awesome! the Temples gonna open soon here! so its chaos everywhere! hahaha but we getta go like twice! once to walk through and the other time to direct parking! :) well if we make it through transfers the first week of transfers! :)

Missionary life is great! i love serving the lord! i have grown so much! its amazing! but i have been homesick a few times! slowly getting over it, i think its im just not use to all the talking to people, and when i would get upset at home i could go 2 the gym and get it out of me, or watch tv or something, but in the field, u can only turn to heavenly father! no one else really cares.. but im doing great! it makes u realize how much love u have for your family and how important missionary work is! it makes me happy that im able to be out here! and able to see blessings not only in my life, but the lives of our investigators and u guys at home! :)Marietta is really big! i don't know the population, but if i were to guess i would have to say like 200,000 or something, but we only cover half of marietta, and the other mission covers the other half of the city.. (Georgia Atlanta North Mission).. there's so much history everywhere! our area is like half suburbs/hoods/and country.. i don't remember that song haha i wish :) there's tons of history in GA! :) i'ma send shaun some pics prob later! hopefully he can get them to u guys! or maybe ill just send them to u guys! :)

Elder Fisher's from pocatello Idaho, he just turned 20 on the 5th! hahah but i gotta run! :)

Love you guys so much! look for my letters this week in the ,mail! :) Love Always and take care!

Elder Eric Nelson

More Pictures from Marrietta, GA & a Few from Tucson and Provo!