Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27, 2011: Dad's Letter to Eric

How's it going big Fella? This is your pa speaking. I need to know your favorite scripture again. I am trying to get all the info to the Bishop for your plaque and have misplaced the paper you wrote out. I saw the paper about a week ago and now can't find it. Besides the mission name: Georgia Atlanta Mission, Is there anything else I need to know to for the plaque? Was your Favorite scripture in Alma 42?
Things are well here. We have completed several jobs and have a few smaller ones to do. I hope we can get some big ones again. Things I'm sure will continue good I'm sure.
How are things? We took Josh to Peter Piper Pizza across from Park Mall. It is brand new and huge inside. I rolled one token into a machine and hit a jackpot and over 230 tickets rolled out. The girls had great fun with both using up tokens and in cashing in the tickets. The pizza was okay.
How goes the work? I am sure that within two months it will pick up quite a bit more with President Monson asking that we double our convert baptisms.
It is going to be fun listening to conference this week end. I bought the CDs from the last conference that day we went to take out you endowment and have enjoyed them a lot.
Is there anything you need from us? I am going to sign out now. We love you a lot and hope all is well with you. Talk to you soon. Love , Dad

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