Monday, March 7, 2011

Mar 7, 2011: Eric's Letter to Mom

Date: Mon, 7 Mar 2011 11:25:49 -0500
Subject: Re: Hi there!!
From: Eric Nelson
To: Lisa Nelson

Things are going great here in GA! i love it so much! Its hard on a bike and its pouring outside to do missionary work! they encourage us (on bikes) to stay in when its super badly pouring outside! so we stay safe and keep from getting sick.. work has been really good tho! it was slow, but looking back at the week, and our #s were really good for the weather delays!! :) It was cool the other day, we were inside and i was getting bored and was like "elder fisher, when are we going out?" (it was pouring outside) he was like "right now" hahaha so we got all rain proofed we could and went out! ... i wrote u guys a letter yesterday in Sundays lay-over time! :) it tells the whole story! i put it in the mailbox this morning! so hopefully u guys will have it in a few days! :) thank you guys so much for the goodie box! :) i loved it! we ate like almost all of the cookies and half of the rice crispies so far! :) hahah

But ya, were keeping busy! we have exchanges tomorrow-thursday! and ima have a missionary from the powder springs area here on the bike with me! hahah! his name is Elder Fruean! hes somoan, if u remember mom, we actually saw his profile before i left for my mission! its crazy to think! ive been out almost 2 month! its sooo crazy! Alex Boose is going to Bosnia? or Chile? haha :) that's awesome! hes gonna be a great missionary! so ill be home for like 4 or so months and then he'll get home! thats crazy!

The biking has been great! it def helps keep some of the pounds off! hahah ive gained a pound or 2 so far! We have been getting alot of rain towards the end of last week especially! and it pours so bad here! like one of the first times it rained here i was like.. "elder fisher, look, its pouring!... he was like na man, just wait!" hahaha and then a few minutes later it was like someone had a massive bucket and was dumping it everywhere! that explains why its so green! hahah Theres so much history everywhere! its so crazy!

Again, i loved the box of goodies! :) ima have to get some souveniers together here and send them back to you guys soon! :) so u can see GA in a nut shell! :) I bet u guys are excited for Spring Break! hahah that sounds like tons of fun with the girls! :) do u guys have anything planned for the break? :) and picnics or anything? i miss those picnics in the warm, (not hot) sun! haha thats awesome! im so glad u guys are having fun in AZ! what movie did u guys see? :) mom, who do u thinks gonna win American Idol? :)

Aunt Susan wrote me an email today, saying a guy from up there in tucson was called to Georgia! but hes spanish Speaking! thats awesome! the Temples gonna open soon here! so its chaos everywhere! hahaha but we getta go like twice! once to walk through and the other time to direct parking! :) well if we make it through transfers the first week of transfers! :)

Missionary life is great! i love serving the lord! i have grown so much! its amazing! but i have been homesick a few times! slowly getting over it, i think its im just not use to all the talking to people, and when i would get upset at home i could go 2 the gym and get it out of me, or watch tv or something, but in the field, u can only turn to heavenly father! no one else really cares.. but im doing great! it makes u realize how much love u have for your family and how important missionary work is! it makes me happy that im able to be out here! and able to see blessings not only in my life, but the lives of our investigators and u guys at home! :)Marietta is really big! i don't know the population, but if i were to guess i would have to say like 200,000 or something, but we only cover half of marietta, and the other mission covers the other half of the city.. (Georgia Atlanta North Mission).. there's so much history everywhere! our area is like half suburbs/hoods/and country.. i don't remember that song haha i wish :) there's tons of history in GA! :) i'ma send shaun some pics prob later! hopefully he can get them to u guys! or maybe ill just send them to u guys! :)

Elder Fisher's from pocatello Idaho, he just turned 20 on the 5th! hahah but i gotta run! :)

Love you guys so much! look for my letters this week in the ,mail! :) Love Always and take care!

Elder Eric Nelson

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