Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mar 6, 2011: Letter from Mom to Eric

Dear Eric,

So how have things been going for you there in Georgia? Are you keeping yourself busy? How is the bike riding? Have you been getting alot of rain? We have been in the 70's-low 80's. Getting nice and warm soon it will Spring. I like the spring but dread knowing that the rattlesnakes are waking up from their hibernation!!

I guess you got the box we sent, hopefully it is still edible!!

Things have been going pretty well here. The girls have a half day this Friday at school. Then all next week they have Spring Break! So I will have to keep them busy all week wish me luck!

Yesterday we went to a kids movie up at the foothills mall. We weren't sure how Gina would sit through it or not. But both girls did just great!! Of course the big bag of buttered popcorn helped a bunch!! Then we had lunch at Carl's Jr. And even went shopping too! So all in all it was a fun day!

I am watching American Idol. It was on tv. 3 days last week as they were eliminating the top 24. They narrowed it down to 14 now!! There are some pretty good singers this season. The girl from Tucson didn't make it through.

Oh yeah just to let you know about something. Alex Bosse got his mission call a few days ago. He reports on June 8th. He is going to a Chili Mission . I think his Mom said Bosnia? She said it will be cold there. He gets to see his brother Mathan for only a week before he leaves! well at least they get to see each other! So tell me what your missionary life has been like?! Are things how you expected them to be?

How big is Marietta? do they have alot of things to see there? Remember the song from Alan Jackson called Chattahoochie? Don't know if I spelled it right! But that river is in Marietta, Georgia I think! Check it out sometime. I know Trisha Yearwood and Alan Jackson are from there.

Where is your companion from? Glad you two get along! Well I better be going. hope to hear from you tomorrow!

Have a great week!
Love you Love Mom and family

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