Saturday, March 19, 2011

March 19, 2011: Kevin's Letter to Eric (regarding white trash tendencies)

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Kevin Nelson
Date: Sat, Mar 19, 2011 at 9:31 PM
Subject: Fag
To: Eric Nelson

Hey dude.. long time no see...
Freaking sucks man. I have pneumonia right now. So Im pretty much coughing up my lungs right now...I dont know how i got it think it started off as the flu then transformed into this wonderful little mess. Anyway i guess it was a good time to get sick right during spring break.. Didnt have to miss too much school that way...
Anyway this whole past week i have been back at the casa chillin' wt my peeps! haha Ya been sleeping on your bed. man that thing is freakin soft. I bet the beds in the field suck! I remember a couple of mine did anyway...

Dude the most white trash story in the world occurred this week... ready or not here it goes! So there we were, Nicole and myself, out in the desert this past week just doing a low-key harmless rabbit hunt. We had hunted the good part of the morning with little-to-no success. Having decided to come back to the casa due to our lack of success and had made it almost all the way back when one old jack decided to cross the road down by the mail boxes... My gut white trash instinct was trying to persuade me to shoot while it was in the road...but I resisted. He ran into the desert so off we went...Having made it to the wash I finally found him and took a running shot as he ran to avoid being killed...Freaking missed... So knowing that they usually don't go to far. Nicole and I booked it over to where he was when I took the shot...I could see him again.. had about 2 seconds to pull off a quickie...I hit him but the shot wasn't fatal and he ran off...Time to book it again So I ran like a ravaging beast through the desert in hopes of finding that poor little jack. But sure enough found him again..Standing broad side at nearly 40 yards the jack stood little chance for my 22 mag and soon became humbled to the earth quite quickly...Freakin killed it!!!

At this point Nicole was still catching up to me and didn't know that i had killed it...When she got to me I told her the direction it had ran she began to run after it...upon finding it I guess she either thought it was still alive or she was just blood thirsty but she proceeded to cock her BB gun. Once loaded she fired a shot into the already dead rabbit..."I got him Kevin.. I got him..." Then she loads another BB and shoots again.. Funny thing is she doesn't miss either.. like she knew exactly where to aim and all...Then she started loading another shot... By this time I was laughing at just how white trash Nicole is, but I had to stop the madness. We went over looked at the rabbit took pictures and Nicole asks... "when we are all finished... Kevin can i shoot the rabbit again"..So being the good brother that I am granted her wishes and she excelled in her white trash abilities...hahaha!

Anyway bro sorry for the long hunting story the has no spiritual relevance to it. That's what P-days are for though right? To get the well needed break from the work!

Love Kev

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