Monday, March 28, 2011

March 28, 2011: Eric's Letter to Dad

Date: Mon, 28 Mar 2011 14:20:42 -0400
Subject: Re: Hello Elder
From: Eric Nelson
To: Mike Nelson

hey dad! MY Favorite scripture is Alma 29: 9 ..."I know that which the lord hath commanded me.." My service dates are Feb 2011- Feb 2013.. don't know if u need anything else! if u do just ask me :) hey i need to ask u guys something okay? I need u guys to get a copy of my driving record online... my license # is _____ and you guys should have my social #.. but its crazy here! they just dissolved a ward in my district! so now we have half of the 3rd area (powder springs) so we have a huge are now! and i may be going to a car soon.. transfers are on 6th of April and next monday we are having a pig roast! haha its gonna be awesome! :) ima have to take pics for u guys!!!!! :) hey i got a letter from my mission president today! ill copy and paste what he wrote in the next section:

"Thank you for sharing that wonderful experience you and Elder Teulilo had while teaching Reney. You are learning such great and valuable lessons as a young missionary. Keep that spirit with you your entire mission. Do not ever let any other missionaries influence you to do less than your best or to accept not being valiant! You are a great missionary and I am very excited to have you here in the mission." -President Satterfield

That was so awesome to get in my email! Elder Teulilo is a ZL, who was in my area last week! it was so awesome! i learned so much! hes been out for like 21 months or so! hes Tongan, and hes gonna be killing the pig next Monday for the roast! haha were excited!

WOW! hahah thats a lot of tickets for only 1 token! :) good job! that's awesome! thank you for the great letters! time to write mom back right now! oh ya, when i was in the mtc a photographer for the deseret news or some huge church magazine was going to follow a district of missionaries through the MTC! he followed my district and some members came up to me yesterday saying i was on the FRONT PAGE of a lot of them! haha so if u guys could find that magazine somehow and get a bunch of copies that would be awesome! :) i gotta run! adios! I love u paps!
Elder Nelson

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