Monday, March 21, 2011

March 21, 2011: Eric's Letter

Date: Mon, 21 Mar 2011 11:54:42 -0400
Subject: Re: Monday Monday!!!
From: Eric Nelson
To: Lisa Nelson

HHHEEYYY mom and family! how r things back at home? I'm doing great here in Marietta! we had a great week of work! last sat was reALLY warm! like 80s with humidity! haha but its all good, doing the lords work makes it all worth it! :) Biking is great! i have gained like 6 or so pounds! but i think like 4 or 5 of it is muscle in my legs from pedaling everyday! hsahah! hopefully u guys git my letter and pictures i sent out last sat! :) hopefully ull get them in a few days! That sounds like a great dinner! the past 3 nights at members homes we've had spaghetti! haha and every dinner appt u get either cake and brownies mixed together or cookies hahah! and they all try to feed u as much as they can cause they think u don't get alot of food hahahh :) its great tho! i wouldn't trade it! the members are so great here! we got them to love us and the bishop loves me! so that makes the work soooo much better! and it helps us out with missionary work! cause the members get motivated and have us by to teach their friends! :) hahah! naaa, i have 2 packs done with so far! only 2 more to go! :) they're so great tho! i love the AZ tortillas! :) they make life so much better! haha! I may have a package in the coming weeks of stuff ill be sending home to u guys! :) ill keep u updated on that! :)
How did Jacobs party go? i hope well! did any one ask about me there? Sportsman's Warehouse? :) how'd i guess?! hahah can u guys send me a few more pens from there when ever u guys send another package? :) i love the sportsman's warehouse pens! and they represent AZ/Tucson/Phoenix! hahaha :) i have some family pics up infront of my desk! i sent u guys a few of them! in my card on Sat! :) and i have an AZ postcard of the sunset and az temple pics up there haha and those pics we took as a family the last night i saw kev-bo.. jhahha!
There's an urgent care place in SAH now? hahah wow that town is growing a ton! sorry to hear about every one getting sick! especially kevin and gina! that's not cool! ill keep them in my prayers! yup, at our house there's a bench set in there, with like 225 lbs for weight to throw on the bar! :) so i get to work out seldomly! its kinda hard cause were so tired from biking all day and im to lazy to workout in the morning! haha its too hard! My health has been great! i thought i was getting something last week, i started to have a runny nose and stuff, but it was just like a day thing, and things cleared up soon after that!

Keep me updated on Kevin's status! how do u get pneumonia anyways?
Things here have been going great! we had turner and his family drop us for baptism cause he said he knows that Joseph Smith saw what he claims he did but he didn't like church whatsoever! and he wants to find church by his own, we'll follow up on him soon, he doesn't understand what he told us, if he knows J.S. is true, then hes a prophet and baptism is the correct step. we think its something else.. but last night i had one of the most spiritual experiences on my mission! we went to the hospital to give a guy a blessing that was going through heart surgery this morning! and we talked, and straight chaos was going on.. nothing but pandemonium! so much noise! and then as i sealed the blessing and continued with the blessing, all of that was silenced from my ears, i couldn't hear any of that.. the spirit was guiding me completely on what to say! i don't even know what i was saying! i was the vessel and the spirit took over any gave the blessing and completely brought peace to the situation! when i finished, we were all in tears, it was the most remarkable, amazing experiences on my mission so far! we were all in tears! and then we ended with 2 Nephi 4:20-25 i believe... way awesome experience! :)
its a pretty big place were staying in, ill have to get pictures or something later... we have our own kitchen..

I will let u guys know if i need anything! :) thank you guys so much for everything u have done for me! i love u guys! and i will try to hand write gma later tonight! if not tell her happy belated birthday okay?! and tell her thank you for all the awesome mail she has sent me! i love it so much! :)

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