Sunday, March 20, 2011

March 20, 2011: Mom's Letter

Dear Eric,

How are you doing? Did you have a great week?
we hope all is well with you.
Looks like you guys are getting warm there too!
How is the bike riding coming along?

I am trying to get the dinner ready.
having some yummy fish, brown rice,
asparagus, and brownies! Wish you
could join us! How are the dinners there
in Georgia? Do you eat at members homes
most every night?

Did you get down with the tortillas yet?
We will have to send you some more soon.

Yesterday we went to your cousin Jacob's 11th
birthday party at Uncle Fred's house.
Visited for awhile then met Josh up in
Tucson and went to the Sportsman's Warehouse.
I of course went to the Savers!!
Then we took Josh and Kevin to the Golden Corral
for dinner. It was a fun and busy day!

Gina started not feeling good yesterday. Had a slight
fever last night. Then woke up this am. and started screaming
that her right ear and right side of her neck hurting!
She was in pain so we took her to the new urgent care center
in Sahuarita this morning. The Nurse Practitioner checked her
out and everything looked ok are sending out a strep culture
just to rule that out! Maybe a virus who knows!! She has been
playing here at the house all afternoon. The girls go back to school
on Monday. I can finally work out again! I only worked out once
last week! Do you get to workout very much?

how has your health been? Do you have allergies there?
Kevin has been here all last week on his Spring Break too!
But he arrived here sick and got worse. He worked with your
Dad several days then felt really bad one of the days.
So he went to Urgent care and found out he has pneumonia!!
So Dr. put him on some antibiotics. I hope he gets over it!
He has his fire academy tomorrow and does alot of running etc!!
He is to get a chest xray in a few weeks to make sure the
pneumonia is gone!

You stay healthy you here me!! So tell me what you have been doing?
Are you having a baptism soon? You still haven't told us about how
your living arrangements are at the house you are staying in.
Is it a big place? Do you have your own kitchen?
Does that family that you stay with have any children?
Questions i know!! we just are wondering about you that's

Well I better be going for this letter. Can't wait to hear from you!
Do you need anything? Let us know ok?! Yesterday was
Grandma Nancy's bday so you might want to wish her a Happy Birthday!!

Much love to you, Love, Mom

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