Sunday, March 6, 2011

Mar 6, 2011: Letter from Dad to Eric

Hello Eric,

I hope your week has gone well! How is MK coming along? Have you been able to participate in presenting all the discussions you had on the books to do? Are your legs getting stronger with all the peddling? About how many miles a day do you average?

I started the TMC project "phase II" this week and have been on Mt. Lemmon three times this week stoning a tall fireplace about the height of the one in Overguard and doing it by myself. It's been a slow process. A week from tomorrow Kevin and Uncle Fred will be able to help for a week as they have Spring break coming up. That will be quite a relief.

Things are well here with everyone plugging along. Kevin went ice fishing up on the rim this past Saturday, (yesterday) with Danny and had a great time. Up from Payson on top before getting to Overguard is Willow Springs Lake. They were afraid to venture out on the ice but discovered it to be over a foot thick. They each got their limit of six all about 12 inches long. They slept at Christopher Creek the night previous in the bed of Danny's truck. Danny said he didn't sleep much with Kevin's snoring. He said that during the night as he was listening to Kevin snore that Kevin suddenly stopped breathing, paused, farted in his sleep, and then resumed snoring as he had before barely missing a beat.

Do you get a lot of meals fed you by members? Tonight we are having good old meat balls with rice. They are always nice and especially after fasting all day.
This morning as I was out back on the slab with Nicole and Gina, Nicole asked if Gina was adopted. I told her that Gina was and that she wasn't the only one. I told her that she also was adopted, that Mommy wasn't able to have any more children after four and that Heavenly Father brought us Nicole and Gina in another way, He wanted us to have our two little girls. She was good with that and has been happy all day. I don't know what Gina takes of all this but she just continues playing as little Gina. Nicole asked a lot more questions at dinner tonight like who her mother was. We told her and some of the circumstances of why Tanya felt it best that Nicole be raised by someone else. It was noble of Tanya to want the better life for Nicole. Tanya was happy also to find out that Nicole would be raised LDS. She thought that was a good religion. She had some good experience along the way somewhere with some Mormons. I didn't tell Nicole but I just remembered that Tanya wanted to carry Nicole full term verses aborting her. I'm sure glad she had character enough to finish bringing her to this world. I am so glad to have Nicole as my daughter as I am Gina also.

I hope I can send this out right now as I think I am no longer connected to the internet.

We love you much and pray for you. Have a wonderful week.
Love, Dad

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