Sunday, March 27, 2011

March 27, 2011: Mom's Letter to Eric

Dear Eric,

How have you been lately? I hope great.
We sure enjoyed getting your nice letter
and pictures the other day in the mail!!

Sounds like you like your area and your
companion so that is good. And Georgia
is keeping you in good hands I can tell!

I hope this computer will work long enough
for me to write this email! You know how that goes.

So tell me all that is happening with you.
We had some chicken tonight and so I
was thinking about you and if you had
a southern meal fixed for you yet?

I know you had said that the members fix
alot of spaghetti or lasagna and brownies!!
I guess they figure that that is a common
type of food and that most people would like it!!

Just got done talking to Kevin a little bit ago.
He was going to be having a dinner soon as
his roommate's parents had made some food and
were going to be sharing it with everybody!
He was excited to get that! He says he is feeling
better from his pneumonia- still coughs but
it's getting better so that is good!

In your letter you had asked what is pneumonia.
Well it is an infection in the lungs caused by
a bacteria. It can be serious if not treated with
antibiotics! So watch out for that when you are out there
as it is contagious.

We enjoyed spending some time with Josh this past
week and weekend! He spent the nights for a couple
of days and we had dinner with him and last night we
took him and the girls to the Peter Piper Pizza place
over across from Park Mall. It is a huge place has tons
of games and even a big spinning ride like the fair in it!
The girls won lots of tickets and got a few prizes to take
home too!

Josh said he wanted to spend some time with us so that
was really nice that he wanted to be near us. They are moving back
to Minnesota this Friday. Lisa and the kids just drove out and
are up in Phoenix for her brother Brian's wedding tomorrow evening.
then they will come to Tucson on Wednesday and Thursday to pack
up the house and their storage unit stuff! i am going to be watching
the kids so they can pack and Grandma Nancy will be too!
Then we are having a dinner and little birthday celebration for
Lisa on Wednesday night.

This will be a busy week for us. i work 3 days this week and will be
spending time with Josh and his family before they leave too!

Today we went on a walk and I told the girls I felt like I needed
to call Eric up on the phone and invite him for dinner tonight!
It seemed like you were still over at Gigi's house!
Weird I know but it felt like that! When I said that Gina was all
happy! She said "Eric is coming"? I had to explain it to her.

Your sisters sure do miss you Eric. Nicole said just the other day
that "I wish Eric would come back, I miss him!"
Just keep sending them letters it helps them I think!
How is the bike riding coming along? Is the weather getting hotter?

This week we are to be in the 80's maybe hit 90 on Friday and set
a record!! I'm dreading the hot summer to come. I know you are to.
You won't have the higher temps but the HUMIDITY!!

I guess there is good and bad in all places. We have to put up with
some good and some bad too!
Well I hope you are having good luck with your teachings there.
Do you need anything? Make sure you let us know okay?
When are the next transfers? Do you think you will be staying there
or moving? We hope you have a FUN p-day.

What are your plans for the day? I bet the day flies by on Monday doesn't
it?!! Well take it easy and the best of luck for the coming week! We
love you keep up the good work! 'Til next week! Love Mom

Hey Eric,
It's your Pa again. Was your scripture Alma 13: 27-30?

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