Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011: Eric's Letter Home

Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 14:19:21 -0400
Subject: Re: Sunday - Monday.........
From: Eric Nelson
To: Lisa Nelson

Hey mom and familia!

Its great to hear from you guys!! :) Easter was great! we didnt have anything planned, but at church, the Clark family signed up for a dinner! :) ohh how i love the Clark family! they are really fun and love missionarys! we shared all of our crazy stories and they loved it! haha and we played a fun card game last night!!! :) so Easter was really fun! and on Saterday we went over to the Ayala's house and had a great Easter party there! we had a BBQ with all of their family, that has been inactive since they were baptised! and they just got back from the temple open house and after we ate, we answered all their questions about the temple.. (what endowments are, whats the purpose of them..and stuff like that..) :) but it was really cool because everything i said was inspired by the holy ghost and it made them understand everything and had answeres for all of their many hard/tough questions they posed, and i remember they asked 1 that i couldnt really answer, so we bent it around prayer and the holg ghost and it met their needs! it was a awesome experience!!! Ya i still do all the teaching!

That sounds like a fun Easter party you guys have had! i need to write grandpa soon! i think i may have to send him some pictures at least tonight!! :) haha

13 DAYS now right?! im way excited!! we are 3 hours ahead of you guys.. so i may call at like 9am my time.. 6am your guys time! :) haha and ill use our mission cell to call for an hour, and then throughout the rest of the day im going to use members home phones to call and talk as much as i can.. My companionship has been getting a little better, we have been building more unity, which is great, but its really awkward still and i have to do all the planning and teaching and talking still.. im sorta use to it now haha! but hes a good guy, he just is different.. i love him.. he has recently developed a pattern for sleeping in :( he sleeps in til 8 and then gets up and showers and then barely is ready for comp study time.. but i just gotta be the strong foundation and learn from him! i know that Heavenly Father wants me to be with him to learn to be patient and love everyone and i know that every companion prepares you for the next one, so my next comp will be GREAT!! :) haha hahahahhaha! justkidding, im doing great! i love the guy! Heavenly Father loves him, so i need to grow to that level and i will before transfers are over! i promise i will find zion with my companion, after all, it all starts in the heart of the individual before it can shine through and affect others! so i must change and i will grow and develop love for him..

I want to thank you guys for the wonderful package you guys have sent to me this last week! :) i loved it! i loved all the snacks! haha i have eaten all the banana bread already! :) haha and the shirt is a perfect fit! im wearing it right now, because we just went and played disc golf! very fun game!! :) and i wore the tie the other day for my interview with President Satterfield! haha it was a great interview! Transfers are on May 18th! A few days ago, i reset Mark Jones baptismal date to May 7th! its so awesome! hes so excited for it! he is planning of moving out of his house right now into his brothers just to get baptised! so that will happen on the 7th of may! and then the Lost Mountain Elders have a investigator for us that has a baptismal date for the 14th of May! so we will have 2 baptisms before transfers are here! its so cool! im stoked for them! :)

Thank you guys for all the support and love you have shown to me the past few weeks! i loved the constant help! it has really helped get me through the roughest times of my mission/life to date! you guys are so awesome, and i just cant wait to hear/talk to you guys! :) tell shaun thank you for the CD player! i will just buy some speakers here at target or something! :) u guys have another box your sending out soon? WOW! :) :) :) you guys really know how to make me feel so much better! thank you guys so much for that! i promise you will be blessed in every aspect of life as you help me out! the lord helps those that help his missionaries! its 100% true!!

Im so excited for Grandmas ties and your guys tortillas soon! :) did gma/gpa get me letter this past week?

the weather here has been pretty gooooooood! the humidity is slowly creeping into the settling of every breeze and it is getting sorta warm haha! i hear it only stays in like the 80s and maybe maybe low 90s in the summer when the humidity is the worst, so just craziness is gonna be happining soon haha!

I gootttaa goo, i gotta wrie a few others, but thank you soooo much! I love you guys! and will do anything for you!

"We are the Body"

lettme know if there is anything i can do for you guys! I will be true and work hard with every desire in my soul!

Love Always, Elder Nelson

April 25, 2011: Eric's Letter to Kevin

---------- Forwarded message ----------
From: Eric Nelson
Date: Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 12:04 PM
Subject: Re: The future is as bright as your faith!
To: Kevin Nelson

Hey man! i just wanted to write you back today and tell you, thank you for sharring you experiences with me! it has really helped me overcome just the natural times when you loose it and just wanna beat the crap outta him! haha! thanks man! its really hard, i talk to all the members, plan everything, teach every lesson, and talk to every contact! haha its way hard, im pretty use to it now though! its rough, he just sleeps in to like 8am every morning and barely is ready for comp studies and he is way wierd! like total dif sense of humor! like 168 degrees away from me haha! haah theres like 12 degrees where we see eye to eye on haha! i know that the lord has put him with me for a specific reason! i need to learn patience and love for everyone! and learn how to deal with him.. every companion prepares you for the next one! so i can just imagine the next one i get haha! everyone says they see me going DL and training next transfer, i dont wanna go leadership haha i think i would suck at it, training would be different! i doubt going DL or trainer though! but anyways, im getting off on a tangent... I LOVE MY COMPANION.. i tell myself that all the time and i look for the best in him, at least hes out on a mission right? alot of people dont go.. but hahaha its freakin rough man! im half way through the transfer and i wanna beat the crap outta him all the time haha! last week at p day we played sand volleyball for a zone p day and him and another missionary tried to come and tackle me and throw me in the river.. one had me picked up, i had my right hand on his hands pulling him off, and then my comp came in and tried to tackle me, but i grabbed his throat with my left hand and picked him up, off the ground, and threw him 5 feet and he fell down haha! it was like a roid rage!! hahahah! it felt way good after wards, but then i felt so bad!! haha! i could easily beat the crap outta the skinny little kid, but when i look at him through the eyes of the Savior, i love him for all the reasons that the normal "carnal" man doesnt like about him.. its rough man, and i am looking forways to MAY 18th! at transfers! haha i will find Zion and peace with him though! and i will work my hardest! i will exaust myself in the work! physically and mentally!
i am excited to talk with you soon man! in 13 days! haha my voice has gotten way high and i no longer have a six pack haha! :) i have gained like 13 pounds! hahaha! but anyways manbearpig, i gotta run! i will endure and love him and do the best i can! i love Georgia! it is the best mission in the world! it has been the greatest blessing to me in my life! til i speak with you!

Amor hermano,
Elder Nelson

Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 24, 2011: Dad's Letter to Eric

How are you today?

I saw Katie Ethan's girlfriend today at church and gave her a hug. She asked about you and felt bad she hasn't written you yet. I told her you were doing great and learning a lot from your companion.

We had 13 children in nursery class today. It takes all 3 to 4 adults that are in there to handle them. There are always 3 to 6 hanging around me at any given time. I love it. They are a lot of fun and always so cute.
Off to work tomorrow to TMC to finish up phase 2. Cline has helped a few times after school at some Rancho Sahuarita jobs I have had. He seems to do a good job in helping. I hope you have time and opportunities to do service projects for the people there. It is always fun to do service projects even when they are hard to do.

We went to the Children's museum Thursday with Nicole's school class for a field trip. It meant a lot to her that your Mom and I go. I got to ride the school bus and it was a lot of fun. Your Mom drove as we had business in Tucson afterwards.Nicole wanted to sit by me in the bus but as we boarded she went and sat with a friend instead, that's okay as long as she has fun. We were there only an hour and a half it seemed. They don't go very long.

I'm going to cut it short and tell you we are fine and that we hope all is well with you. We love you a lot and have a great week. Talk to you soon. Love Dad

April 24, 2011: Mom's Letter to Eric

Dear Eric,

How was your Easter Sunday? What did you do? Did you have any ham to eat? Whatever you did I hope it was great!

Yesterday on Saturday we had our family Easter get together at Grandma and Grandpa's house. We had Grandpa Nelson and Kevin there too. It was a really nice time but sure did miss you!

Kevin drove down on Saturday morning and we met him at the Home Depot parking lot off i-19 then we all piled into the white van and headed out to Grandmas. We had Kevin spend the night and he went to Church and ate a nice beef roast dinner with us tonite. He is driving back home as i'm writing!

It is strange to just have 1 son left to visit with! But we are excited
to get to talk to you in 14 days!! When do you think you might call?
Tell me how the Companion thing is going! Things getting any better?
Do you still have to do everything? When did you say the next transfers are? I hope you will be happy and get into a car area too! We'll be praying for you big fellow. Last week Nicoles 2nd grade class went on a field trip to the Tucson Children's Museum. Your Dad and I were chaparones it was pretty fun.

How was everything in the box we sent? Did the t-shirt fit? What about the tie? We have another box we will be sending out in the near future.
Shaun told us in his old bedroom he had a cd player in one of his drawers and we got it out.We just need to check it out and see if it works then we will send it out to you.Gma Nancy got some more ties at a sale and I will send u some tortillas too!

How is the weather there now? I see you are in the 80's too! We were really nice today like 84 and super windy all day! Well we can't wait to hear how you have been. Take it easy and do you need usto send you anything else in the upcoming package? Have a super great week!!!

Love ya,

April 25, 2011: Mission Pics!

Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011: More Pics from Marietta, GA!!!

April 18, 2011: Eric's Letter Home

Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 11:47:52 -0400
Subject: Hola! :)
From: Eric Nelson
To: Lisa Nelson; Mike Nelson

Hey everyone! i am doing alright nowadays, like my sickness has been pretty subdued haha! but i still have a runny nose and everything! but things between me and elder paxman have improved a little bit.. at companionship inventory last week i was able to tell him somethings that were bothering me.. he has tried to work on a few of them, but then falls to his old ways.. he has gotten a little better tho, like hes bearable now.. haha im just open around him.. like the other day while tracking i was like, hey man i like to be around these types of people, ur really awkward, and it would help me out if u worked on that and i told him how he could improve to help out the relationship.. he didn't have anything i needed to improve on(which was weird) and we were able to share a few laughs the other day! i still do all the teaching and he knows he needs to talk more and he even voiced it first and admitted it that he needs to do that more and were trying to work together for Heavenly Father.. we have improved our relationship quite a bit..

just wanted to let u guys know my status hahahah and now i wanna write back to ur letters! :) thank you mom and dad so much for the "just checking in card" and support and strength! i loved it! i got it when we came back in one day for lunch and i read it and it helped me out the rest of the day! i loved it! i still love it, it helps me every time i read it! I wanted to thank u guys for that! :) and dad that letter inside about the missionaries that helped that man was amazing! thank you for all the support and help u guys have done for me! Its crazy! i looked back on it and i have been with elder paxman for 2 weeks now and it has flown by! they really are going by so fast! at the beginning of may i will hit my 3 month mark! crazy huh?!?!

I bet the girls are getting so excited for school to be out and summer to be here! but i bet u guys aren't hahaha cause ur gonna have to watch them more hahaha! :) Hopefully we will be in a car in the Summer! i think i may get transferred on May 18th and elder paxman will stay here.. its getting so warm already here in GA haha! but the past few days have been really great! they have been a bit warm but a really nice breeze! so its been great/amazing weather the past few days! :)

Thank you guys for all your wonderful prayers! i cant wait to hear from u guys in like 2 1/2 weeks! i think that will help me alot! we are gonna try to call as much as we can on mothers day.. were 3 hours ahead of u guys, haha so i will try to wait til decent time for u guys haha!

Thanks for the love u have shown me! and putting together a Easter Package! :) i think that will help me alot! i was gonna ask u guys if u could go through my drawer at home and closet and everything and try to find a cd player that works, so u can send it to me okay? music helps so much get over the awkward/hard times! :) but ya if u could find a cd player of mine or one that works could u send it? i was planning on buying one out here, but they are pretty expensive for the $ i get a month to live off of.. i know u can buy one for like $20 at walmart.. i can buy speakers at target here.. but i was just gonna ask if u guys could do that for me? and maybe send a calendar that is from AZ? that has all the scenery scenes all around AZ? that would be so cool!

I'm glad dad was able to have a great meeting up in UT! hopefully the business picks up and u guys start to make some $ :) that would be great! i have been praying for you guys and that business! what car did u guys drive up there?
That's sweet that Nicole is such a big sweet heart now! i gave one of her pictures she sent me to a little girl in the ward named Elizabeth and she drew me one for Nicole haha! i gotta send it soon! :) has Nicole been playing my games on hers? she can play a few of them but has to put them back when shes done :)

We biked back in the rain the other day ago,(couldn't get any wetter) hahahaha! and the tornado sirens were going off! hah they sound so freaky! they sound like "war of the worlds" as elder calcote said haha! it sounds like the end of the world with those sirens haha! i recorded it! i don't know how to send videos tho haha! but we were safe and protected because were servants of the Lord! Brother Bennett would have taken us to his basement if needs be haha! but we were fine :)
they had one touch down in a little town like 30 miles away from us, named Dallas..

I sorta miss music a little, like we go into stores and hear some songs and it makes us sing along haha! but its not to bad as long as u concentrate on the work and work hard! :)

I gotta run! i have a few minutes! but know that i am safe! and i love u guys! "Have a blessed day" as they would say in GA! hahaha
I gotta go!
Have a great week!
I Love you all!
Be safe!
Endure to the end! hahahahah
and Live the Faith!
It is the most correct gospel here on this earth!

Love Elder Nelson!

April 18, 2011: Wishes for Grandpa

Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 11:35:25 -0400
Subject: Grandpa
From: Eric Nelson
To: Lisa Nelson

mom can you forward this to Grandpa Strait..? thank you!

Grandpa! I hope u are doing well! i just wrote u guys and it went out in the mail today! i hope that u get it soon! but i want to wish u a happy birthday! :) i hope its a great one! i gotta sign off right now, but i hope that u will have a great day! i will be praying for u! keep up the great work! and be diligent in ur ailments, etc. Jesus Christ has been there and always turn to him for help! i know he will help you as u strive to live his gospel! Keep up the faith! and know that i love u and will be praying for u!
Elder Eric Nelson

Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17, 2011: Dad's Letter to Eric

Hello Eric,

Sorry I'm starting this late and can't make this a little longer. Hope you are well. The trip to salt lake was really good. I had some time, (not much) to take Bob Broduer around to see some Salt Lake, ie. Temple Square, etc. The information from the Convention was great! Things are starting to move in the positive direction and looking up. Of course they always were. We hope all is well with you with the work and with the weather and all.

Do you need us to send you the driving record? Do you need anything in particular? Are you sick and in need of your companion to give you a blessing? I got a little snow in SLC and it was quite refreshing! Maybe a little snow in your area could cool things off and bring refreshment to a parched area.

Thanks for hanging in there and always doing your best. I'm going to sign off now.
I love you a lot.
Love, Dad

April 17, 2011: Mom's Letter to Eric

Dear Eric,

How are you doing these days? Are things looking up for you?
Are you still feeling sick? I hope you are feeling much better.

Well it will be Easter in less than a week now. That is hard
to believe that these months keep zooming by!!
At least to me they go by fast.

The girls will be out of school on May 19th! They have a half day.
Then the long hot days of Summer will be upon us. I hope we
will get some decent rain during the summer!

You will have to let me know how the Summer is there in Georgia.
Maybe by then you will be in another area or a car area with
nice AC!!

Are you able to talk to your new companion? I can imagine that
that would be a rather hard situation to be in! Because every day
and night you constantly have to be around that person.
Do you still have to do all of the teaching these days?

Well I'm praying for you that things will get easier ok?!
I just got this nice Easter package all ready to get out at
the post office tomorrow for you! So be on the lookout
for that. Maybe on Wed. or Thursday! Hope it all arrives
in good shape!

Well your Dad got home early this morning [Sunday] at 6:30.
They all drove straight down from Salt Lake on Saturday night.
I guess I did survive being ALONE for 5 days!! It was very difficult
and I didn't get alot of time to relax except when they were in school!
And the hardest part I think was at night trying to get Gina to settle
down and actually go to sleep! You remember how she just wants
your Dad to rock her to sleep? Well I experienced the crying and carrying
on for Daddy til she would just crash from being so tired of crying!
I told your Dad don't do these trips for awhile PLEASE!

Nicole was a big help for me though! Every morning she would try
to help Gina get ready for school and then at night she would try
to soothe Gina too it was pretty cute. So yesterday I had to go to Target
and I bought her a new ds game! Let me tell you she is pretty happy now! HA!

Oh yeah Eric before I forget this Wednesday is Grandpa Carl's birthday.
So maybe you could send him a little short email! That would make his
day I think! Just a Happy Birthday wish doesn't have to be any thing long.

So I can't wait to hear from you on Monday. I heard you had some bad storms
and the power was out for alot of people. Is everything better now? Hope so.
Have they had any tornadoes?

yeah I am still watching American Idol. They are down to the last 7 now!
There are only 2 girls and 5 guys left. It's weird they always were voting the
girls off but finally last week 1 guy got booted off!
There are 2 young people a guy and girl that are like 16 and 17 yrs. old
They both are country singers and sing really good! The girl is from Georgia!
Don't know what part though! And the young guy he sings like a Josh Turner
Do you miss hearing the latest music or watching tv yet? I think I would
miss hearing the radio and the latest songs that are playing out there!
And I do like to hear about the news in the world to know what is going on!
But I guess you could always listen to other types of music to lift your spirits!

Well I am writing on your Dads email as mine wasn't able to switch to my email!
But when you write you can send it to mine ok?
Well we will be thinking of you this week, and keep you in our prayers and
thoughts! Do you already have plans for a dinner on Easter Sunday?
We will most likely have a small dinner at gma Nancy's and hopefully Kevin
will be able to come down! Well we love you to Eric! Happy Easter to you!
Take Care-- Love Mom

Monday, April 11, 2011

April 11, 2011: Dad-Eric

From: Michael Nelson
Sent: Monday, April 11, 2011 7:19:45 AM (GMT-10:00) Hawaii
To: Eric Nelson
Subject: RE: Saw Snow On Mountain for seven hours

I don't know if you will get this today but keep your head up, things are fine here at home, Don't worry about us, just keep praying and studying the scriptures. You will be fine even when the dark clouds role over prayer penetrates them all. You are doing a great work and are in preparation for an even greater one. We love you. We will get you those pictures soon. Love, Dad

Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 12:18:52 -0400
Subject: Re: Saw Snow On Mountain for seven hours
From: Eric Nelson
To: Mike Nelson

hey dad i have a minute or so left i just wanted to let u know that i love u and i love when u write me letters! it really heps/ motivates me! Thank you! and im so excited to hear ur voice in a few more weeks! thank you for turning me into such a great person! i wish u the best! and thank you for teaching me how to work hard! love, elder nelson

April 11, 2011: Eric's Letter to Dad

Date: Mon, 11 Apr 2011 12:25:39 -0400
From: Eric Nelson
To: Mike Nelson

do u think u can do me a favor? and send me printed off pictures of Az and of the family and just pictures that u have in ur camera back at the house? i love when i get pictures from u guys! i was wondering if u could print off a few of some jobs we have done in the past.. some fireplaces and the yard at the house and pictures of the girls and family and things? i would love that so much! thank you for everything u have done for me and helping me come out here on a mission! good luck in Salt Lake! i hope u have a great LV meeting! and best of luck! i will be praying that ur business there takes off and u can start making some big $! that would be awesome! i would like to join that business sometime.. i hope ur doing great! i love to hear ur staying busy! keep up the great work! i love u dad!
Love Always! Elder Eric Dean Nelson

Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 10, 2011: Mom's Letter to Eric

Dear Eric,

So are you doing alright? Hope you have been staying
well and that you are happy! I guess by now you had the
transfers. Tell us about your newest companion?

I think you had said he had been out longer than you
but you would be made the Leader? Is that right?
You must be a lot ahead of these other missionaries!

We already knew that though! You were always studying
and reading and keeping up on everything! Keep up the
great work that you are already doing!

How is the weather there? Yesterday we had a big storm
come through here and got some rain and a lot of snow
on the mountains. your dad worked on Mt. Lemmon
and they got like 10 inches!! It is nice and cool here
today. Probably be our last cool day til the Fall!!

We still haven't done the motor vehicle stuff you wanted
us to do. I talked to Susan the other night and we can do
it tonight or tomorrow ok? She had said that when you
lived out their she had helped you get a copy. Did you
not remember to take it with you or just need more
copies? Do you think you will be driving a car soon?

Your Dad is going out of town on Wed. morning til
Sunday night! Another EXCITING LIFE VANTAGE seminar!!!!
It is up in Salt Lake City this time around. So wish me luck.
I will be doing it all by my self here at the homestead!!
I will definitely have adhd and be really tired!!! Wish me luck!!

Hey Eric did you ever find out what Church newspaper or
magazine you were in? We would love to be able to get it!
Let us know if you can.

So tell me what all has been going on there in Marietta.
When is that baptism going to be? Do you still eat out at
a lot of members homes? Still no sweet potato pie or
black eyed peas?!!

I can't believe you have been out for 2 months already!
A few nights ago Gina said out of the clear blue sky-
I want to see Eric! Can he come back! I had to explain
it to her that you still have a lot longer to be out on your mission.
Not sure she understands it.

Hey Eric I would like to send you a little something for Easter!
What kinds of candy or foods do you like? I can through in
a pack of tortillas too! ha! Anyways let me know big fellow.

Well I gotta go and fix the dinner, you have an awesome week
and keep on working hard! Stay safe.

Love Mom

Tonight we are having lasagna I still feel like calling either you
or Josh over for dinner!! It's a hard thing to have all you boys gone!!
But I am ok! Sorry this computer messed up on the sequence
of a sentence or two! Take care Love ya!Smile

Friday, April 8, 2011

April 8, 2011: Eric's Letter to President Satterfield

Hello President Satterfield,

How are you doing this week? I hope things are going great! Elder Fisher and I had a great last week, here in Kennesaw, it was a little different because of general conference, but we were still able to work fluently and have great success! My new companion Elder Paxman is a great missionary and a great guy! Thank you so much for assigning him to me! We have had some good hard working days so far into the transfer! He said he loves it here! And who wouldn’t? This area is truly amazing! The members are amazing! There is so much potential here and the field is white, ready to harvest! I woke up pretty sick this morning, I think it is due to the pollen, and we are doing the best we can even though I am sick! I hope u have a great week President! I love you and Sister Satterfield so much! Let me know if I can do anything for you. Again, have a great week!

Love Always,

Elder Eric Dean Nelson

Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011: More PICTURES from Marietta! :)

April 4, 2011: Eric's Letter to Mom & Dad

Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2011 11:55:30 -0400
Subject: Re: Good Evening - Good Monday!!!
From: Eric Nelson
To: Lisa Nelson

Hey mom and Dad! thank you so much for the amazing email! it really means alot to got emails and letters! it makes me feel like im not forgotten! haha im going to write shaun & kelly today also! but today is pday! elder teulilo our zone leader (the Tongan) is having a pig roast/luau! its gonna be awesome! im going to have to send u guys alot of pictures and everything! We have a lot of set appts this week! and transfers are on wed! we get calls tonight though! elder fishers trainer is the ap, so we got early results.. elder fishers getting transferred and im staying here and am going to be the senior companion to an elder that has been out for awhile! but im excited to be given more of a challenge! :) Im so glad josh and lisa were safe in their travels! i was def praying for them! that's awesome! I love to see how everyone is being so blessed as i have been out serving him! im glad that you guys were forgiven for all the taxes and everything! that's such a grand blessing! 5 more estimates?! WOW! that's amazing!

I love how that's what this life is for.. not only to be tested with good and evil actions, but of the opportunity we have to grow and to show heavenly father in the end this is what we have become! i love the plan we have accepted to return as families together forever..!

Renee is doing awesome! we did an exchange with the elders in another zone just for an hour or so, but i had the opportunity to go with the other zone elder and transition them to her! they said they are going to try to have me baptize her on the 16th of April! that would be awesome! i will keep you guys updated for sure! Conference was so amazing right?! it like came alive as i was watching it! and i took like 10 pages of notes! haha! it was so amazing! A new Temple in Rome, Italy?! i thought when he was saying "a place that hasn't seen a temple for 2000 years" he was talking about Jerusalem! hahaha but its coming soon! they're just getting a foothold over there right now and then we will see that temple go up!

I wrote Tyler back once, i received revelation to write him yesterday in conference and i need to! i think i will write him tonight when we get home and are waiting for calls! :) i hope he's doing great! Ali Gomm, my friend that took me to the MTC is a great fellow-shipper for him! He flew up there not long ago to hang out with her up there and i hear it went great! i hope hes still holding strong! :) i will write him later! and talk about a mission, i know it is the greatest thing i have ever done in my life and i know it will bless his and be the same! i will talk about it!

Hey, when u make it to the salt lake temple, ill make it to the Atlanta temple! haha :) I told elder fisher thank you when he wrote it, and then i wrote his parents one :) haha! Everything is great here in Marietta, GA! I love it! and i Love the work! I gotta write shaun&kelley right now! but know again i love u all! and have a great week!

Love Always!
Elder Nelson

April 4, 2011: Eric's Letter to Shaun

Hey Shaun and Kelly!

I love you guys! thank you so much for all the support and help u have given me! Shaun, I am very sorry I haven't been able to write you all to much! I tried to write u a few weeks ago, I'm not sure if u got it haha? :) so i have some crazy stories for u guys! The other day we were in the projects, nothing but dark scary projects.. I was the senior comp for the day ha-ha! if u look up Marietta, GA, look up "Lemon Street" haha and look at the projects! :) Shaun i know u wanna hear some gangsta stories haha! so here we go.. We rode our bikes about 8 miles to get there, we locked our bikes up in a members yard nearby and put our backpacks, watches, wallets and everything in their house and set off on foot with a BOM in hand and pamphlets! haha we talked to a few ladies right off the bat of walking into the projects. We taught the restoration after gaining their trust, we started off asking for an old former to break the ice and then we eventually have now 2 new investigators.. we said a prayer and left.. started walking down/ deeper into the projects and came across these two old ladies sitting on their porch smoking.. we broke the ice, one of the ladies names was "Granny" she has been there for about 25 years, and the others was Charity.. Charity had her ears shredded up! like they had earrings and they were ripped out! so she had shredded ears! way disgusting haha! but we talked with them and started talking about what we do and the temple open house, and they did all the talking and everything.. we told them our purpose as missionaries, but they just wanted to blab.. they stopped looked at me and said.. "Wait.. Look at him! He looks like someone famous! he looks like John Cena (the wrestler)... ohhhhh he looks so fine... ( i laughed) ... I use to look at him all the time! MMMMM! Do you want to come in?" we were like "nope, we gotta go!" haha so we left with a word of prayer and granny said it and she was rubbing my hand and fingers the whole time.. haha and then she stopped and wanted me to continue! so i started to pray and then i rubbed elder fishers hand and then he started to pray haha! and then she finished! haha way awkward! haha and then we got out of there cause the sun was setting! there are some others! i will have to tell u guys when i call u.. i cant afford writing them by email.. haha ill send pictures and u guys can draw conclusions about what happened haha and then i will tell u on mothers day about what really went down haha! Crazy stuff goes down in the hoods/projects man! haha oh ya, both granny and charity were coked outta their minds haha! it was scary/ but so funny! haha! i love it! and as long as were faithful and worthy we will be looked after if our eye is single to the glory of god! Shaun thank you so much for updating my facebook and blog! everyone says they look amazing! good job man! :)

Kelly, i just got ur letter the other day in the mail! it was addressed the 15th of march and i got it the 31st! haha! But ima write back 2 u by email k? I am doing amazing! how is Hawaii? i hear its amazing right now in spring!? My mission is going amazingly well! i love everything about it! my first area, Marietta, is simply an awesome area! they were going to white wash it but and me and elder fisher changed their minds of that and changed work completely 180 degrees! we have like 17 Investigators right now and tons of other great accomplishments! were working hard! Elder Fisher is an amazing Trainer! we get along great! and were like best friends serving together! its awesome! Your graduating this April? that's awesome! congrats! hopefully u get the job at target and/or the Hilton or Enterprise! those are all awesome! good job on all the hard work u have done and keep doing! I will def keep u in my prayers! I was hearing about japan and all of that! its ridiculous! the end of the world is coming! its crazy!

My favorite color is blue, i love all kinds of goodies haha i'm fat now :) i put on a few lbs haha! but the bike is helping me keep off the extra unwanted lbs! haha i think the 3 or 4 lbs i have gained have been from the bike! haha i think i'm fine on missionary supplies haha! i could use an inexpensive CD player so i could play the cd's we have and maybe some church mix cd's or something! that's be way awesome! :)
Since being on my mission i have learned so much! its crazy to see the growth to today! on like every topic of the gospel i have a personal and extremely strong testimony of each principle that will never be wavered! I have become so much more knowledgeable, and loving and caring! its amazing! i absolutely love it! and looking back through my 2 months so far, i have always had great days! i have never had a bad day! that just goes to show how much the gospel is true and Mosiah 2: 17 is true... "when ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God." I bear a solid and emotional testimony of that! it is beyond compare with any other truth in the world! I love my mission and have changed so much!
You guys can always take a trip to Marietta, GA haha and then head on up to Illinois :) haha that's awesome! and another thing the mission has done is make my relationships so much more deeper and stronger with each of my family members! and my love has grown so much for them! i'm excited for u to go see ur family soon! :) i gotta run! hopefully u guys get this email! i love u both so much! and i hope u guys are having a great time in school! good luck with everything! and i will be praying for u! "have a blessed day!" (south talk) and a blessed week! :) hahaha! and remember i love u guys so much!

Love Always!
Elder Nelson!

p.s.- here's the letter from pres to me this week...

Elder Nelson thank you for your letter. Great numbers. I can tell you are working hard! Sister Satterfield and I are so very glad you are here in the mission! It is fun to watch you learn and grow!

Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3, 2011: Mom & Dad's Letters to Eric

Dear Eric,

Hi there! How have you been? I imagine that you are
happy to have a day off. Well I hope all has been going
well for you. I wrote you a nice letter today so I will be
mailing that out tomorrow. Just think about you everyday.

Wishing you the best for the upcoming week. What is on
the agenda for today and the rest of the week?

I will keep it short as I wrote that letter! Love ya, Mom

Hello Eric,

This is your Pa! Josh and Lisa and company made it back to their home in Minnesota today about 5 PM. I'm so happy they made it alright. Now they can rest somewhat and get on with life. Josh starts work tomorrow at T- Mobile. Lisa landed a job also at a nice salon and starts in May. We here have been blessed to have a great tax debt forgiven and have had 5 more estimates call in this week. We have been so blessed.
Thanks so much for your prayers and those prayers of you reading this message. It seems so much was taken away and so much more returned. I have learned some lessons that I am truly grateful for and am not sure I could have learned any more quickly than as have been presented.

Thanks for sharing the letter you sent to your mission president. I am not sure if that gal, Reney, Is in your area or that of your ZL but I hope she gets baptized soon. This morning's conference session addressed revelation and the way you shared with Rene it would come to her. Keep sharing and getting in the trenches. Many will come to know their Savior as you continue in sharing your testimony with them.
Remember to always pray and keep the commandments. I am so happy you can be serving.

Keep writing Tyler. Write him constantly. He looked great at General Priesthood meeting last night at church. He needs to serve a mission as I know you can attest to. He may think more of that possibility the more he communicates with you as a full-time missionary.

Have a great week this week. In two weekends I plan to go to Salt lake for a Lifevantage convention. That will be fun and informative. I hope I can make the Temple while there.

Please thank your companion for the wonderful note he wrote us about you a couple weeks ago. It was a very mature thing for him to do and sounded great the way he built you up to us. Of course we already knew of the good things he was talking about. Be sure to thank him.

Keep your head up and always remember we are praying for you. Set aside temptation quickly as did our Lord and Master as He had thoughts come to Him to deal with. He had them as we do yet always took care of them in an orderly quick fashion, every one. He never held on to one but quickly dismissed them.

Take care and we will talk to you soon enough.
Love you very much, Dad