Monday, April 18, 2011

April 18, 2011: Eric's Letter Home

Date: Mon, 18 Apr 2011 11:47:52 -0400
Subject: Hola! :)
From: Eric Nelson
To: Lisa Nelson; Mike Nelson

Hey everyone! i am doing alright nowadays, like my sickness has been pretty subdued haha! but i still have a runny nose and everything! but things between me and elder paxman have improved a little bit.. at companionship inventory last week i was able to tell him somethings that were bothering me.. he has tried to work on a few of them, but then falls to his old ways.. he has gotten a little better tho, like hes bearable now.. haha im just open around him.. like the other day while tracking i was like, hey man i like to be around these types of people, ur really awkward, and it would help me out if u worked on that and i told him how he could improve to help out the relationship.. he didn't have anything i needed to improve on(which was weird) and we were able to share a few laughs the other day! i still do all the teaching and he knows he needs to talk more and he even voiced it first and admitted it that he needs to do that more and were trying to work together for Heavenly Father.. we have improved our relationship quite a bit..

just wanted to let u guys know my status hahahah and now i wanna write back to ur letters! :) thank you mom and dad so much for the "just checking in card" and support and strength! i loved it! i got it when we came back in one day for lunch and i read it and it helped me out the rest of the day! i loved it! i still love it, it helps me every time i read it! I wanted to thank u guys for that! :) and dad that letter inside about the missionaries that helped that man was amazing! thank you for all the support and help u guys have done for me! Its crazy! i looked back on it and i have been with elder paxman for 2 weeks now and it has flown by! they really are going by so fast! at the beginning of may i will hit my 3 month mark! crazy huh?!?!

I bet the girls are getting so excited for school to be out and summer to be here! but i bet u guys aren't hahaha cause ur gonna have to watch them more hahaha! :) Hopefully we will be in a car in the Summer! i think i may get transferred on May 18th and elder paxman will stay here.. its getting so warm already here in GA haha! but the past few days have been really great! they have been a bit warm but a really nice breeze! so its been great/amazing weather the past few days! :)

Thank you guys for all your wonderful prayers! i cant wait to hear from u guys in like 2 1/2 weeks! i think that will help me alot! we are gonna try to call as much as we can on mothers day.. were 3 hours ahead of u guys, haha so i will try to wait til decent time for u guys haha!

Thanks for the love u have shown me! and putting together a Easter Package! :) i think that will help me alot! i was gonna ask u guys if u could go through my drawer at home and closet and everything and try to find a cd player that works, so u can send it to me okay? music helps so much get over the awkward/hard times! :) but ya if u could find a cd player of mine or one that works could u send it? i was planning on buying one out here, but they are pretty expensive for the $ i get a month to live off of.. i know u can buy one for like $20 at walmart.. i can buy speakers at target here.. but i was just gonna ask if u guys could do that for me? and maybe send a calendar that is from AZ? that has all the scenery scenes all around AZ? that would be so cool!

I'm glad dad was able to have a great meeting up in UT! hopefully the business picks up and u guys start to make some $ :) that would be great! i have been praying for you guys and that business! what car did u guys drive up there?
That's sweet that Nicole is such a big sweet heart now! i gave one of her pictures she sent me to a little girl in the ward named Elizabeth and she drew me one for Nicole haha! i gotta send it soon! :) has Nicole been playing my games on hers? she can play a few of them but has to put them back when shes done :)

We biked back in the rain the other day ago,(couldn't get any wetter) hahahaha! and the tornado sirens were going off! hah they sound so freaky! they sound like "war of the worlds" as elder calcote said haha! it sounds like the end of the world with those sirens haha! i recorded it! i don't know how to send videos tho haha! but we were safe and protected because were servants of the Lord! Brother Bennett would have taken us to his basement if needs be haha! but we were fine :)
they had one touch down in a little town like 30 miles away from us, named Dallas..

I sorta miss music a little, like we go into stores and hear some songs and it makes us sing along haha! but its not to bad as long as u concentrate on the work and work hard! :)

I gotta run! i have a few minutes! but know that i am safe! and i love u guys! "Have a blessed day" as they would say in GA! hahaha
I gotta go!
Have a great week!
I Love you all!
Be safe!
Endure to the end! hahahahah
and Live the Faith!
It is the most correct gospel here on this earth!

Love Elder Nelson!

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