Sunday, April 17, 2011

April 17, 2011: Mom's Letter to Eric

Dear Eric,

How are you doing these days? Are things looking up for you?
Are you still feeling sick? I hope you are feeling much better.

Well it will be Easter in less than a week now. That is hard
to believe that these months keep zooming by!!
At least to me they go by fast.

The girls will be out of school on May 19th! They have a half day.
Then the long hot days of Summer will be upon us. I hope we
will get some decent rain during the summer!

You will have to let me know how the Summer is there in Georgia.
Maybe by then you will be in another area or a car area with
nice AC!!

Are you able to talk to your new companion? I can imagine that
that would be a rather hard situation to be in! Because every day
and night you constantly have to be around that person.
Do you still have to do all of the teaching these days?

Well I'm praying for you that things will get easier ok?!
I just got this nice Easter package all ready to get out at
the post office tomorrow for you! So be on the lookout
for that. Maybe on Wed. or Thursday! Hope it all arrives
in good shape!

Well your Dad got home early this morning [Sunday] at 6:30.
They all drove straight down from Salt Lake on Saturday night.
I guess I did survive being ALONE for 5 days!! It was very difficult
and I didn't get alot of time to relax except when they were in school!
And the hardest part I think was at night trying to get Gina to settle
down and actually go to sleep! You remember how she just wants
your Dad to rock her to sleep? Well I experienced the crying and carrying
on for Daddy til she would just crash from being so tired of crying!
I told your Dad don't do these trips for awhile PLEASE!

Nicole was a big help for me though! Every morning she would try
to help Gina get ready for school and then at night she would try
to soothe Gina too it was pretty cute. So yesterday I had to go to Target
and I bought her a new ds game! Let me tell you she is pretty happy now! HA!

Oh yeah Eric before I forget this Wednesday is Grandpa Carl's birthday.
So maybe you could send him a little short email! That would make his
day I think! Just a Happy Birthday wish doesn't have to be any thing long.

So I can't wait to hear from you on Monday. I heard you had some bad storms
and the power was out for alot of people. Is everything better now? Hope so.
Have they had any tornadoes?

yeah I am still watching American Idol. They are down to the last 7 now!
There are only 2 girls and 5 guys left. It's weird they always were voting the
girls off but finally last week 1 guy got booted off!
There are 2 young people a guy and girl that are like 16 and 17 yrs. old
They both are country singers and sing really good! The girl is from Georgia!
Don't know what part though! And the young guy he sings like a Josh Turner
Do you miss hearing the latest music or watching tv yet? I think I would
miss hearing the radio and the latest songs that are playing out there!
And I do like to hear about the news in the world to know what is going on!
But I guess you could always listen to other types of music to lift your spirits!

Well I am writing on your Dads email as mine wasn't able to switch to my email!
But when you write you can send it to mine ok?
Well we will be thinking of you this week, and keep you in our prayers and
thoughts! Do you already have plans for a dinner on Easter Sunday?
We will most likely have a small dinner at gma Nancy's and hopefully Kevin
will be able to come down! Well we love you to Eric! Happy Easter to you!
Take Care-- Love Mom

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