Sunday, April 24, 2011

April 24, 2011: Dad's Letter to Eric

How are you today?

I saw Katie Ethan's girlfriend today at church and gave her a hug. She asked about you and felt bad she hasn't written you yet. I told her you were doing great and learning a lot from your companion.

We had 13 children in nursery class today. It takes all 3 to 4 adults that are in there to handle them. There are always 3 to 6 hanging around me at any given time. I love it. They are a lot of fun and always so cute.
Off to work tomorrow to TMC to finish up phase 2. Cline has helped a few times after school at some Rancho Sahuarita jobs I have had. He seems to do a good job in helping. I hope you have time and opportunities to do service projects for the people there. It is always fun to do service projects even when they are hard to do.

We went to the Children's museum Thursday with Nicole's school class for a field trip. It meant a lot to her that your Mom and I go. I got to ride the school bus and it was a lot of fun. Your Mom drove as we had business in Tucson afterwards.Nicole wanted to sit by me in the bus but as we boarded she went and sat with a friend instead, that's okay as long as she has fun. We were there only an hour and a half it seemed. They don't go very long.

I'm going to cut it short and tell you we are fine and that we hope all is well with you. We love you a lot and have a great week. Talk to you soon. Love Dad

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