Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011: Eric's Letter to Mom & Dad

Date: Mon, 4 Apr 2011 11:55:30 -0400
Subject: Re: Good Evening - Good Monday!!!
From: Eric Nelson
To: Lisa Nelson

Hey mom and Dad! thank you so much for the amazing email! it really means alot to got emails and letters! it makes me feel like im not forgotten! haha im going to write shaun & kelly today also! but today is pday! elder teulilo our zone leader (the Tongan) is having a pig roast/luau! its gonna be awesome! im going to have to send u guys alot of pictures and everything! We have a lot of set appts this week! and transfers are on wed! we get calls tonight though! elder fishers trainer is the ap, so we got early results.. elder fishers getting transferred and im staying here and am going to be the senior companion to an elder that has been out for awhile! but im excited to be given more of a challenge! :) Im so glad josh and lisa were safe in their travels! i was def praying for them! that's awesome! I love to see how everyone is being so blessed as i have been out serving him! im glad that you guys were forgiven for all the taxes and everything! that's such a grand blessing! 5 more estimates?! WOW! that's amazing!

I love how that's what this life is for.. not only to be tested with good and evil actions, but of the opportunity we have to grow and to show heavenly father in the end this is what we have become! i love the plan we have accepted to return as families together forever..!

Renee is doing awesome! we did an exchange with the elders in another zone just for an hour or so, but i had the opportunity to go with the other zone elder and transition them to her! they said they are going to try to have me baptize her on the 16th of April! that would be awesome! i will keep you guys updated for sure! Conference was so amazing right?! it like came alive as i was watching it! and i took like 10 pages of notes! haha! it was so amazing! A new Temple in Rome, Italy?! i thought when he was saying "a place that hasn't seen a temple for 2000 years" he was talking about Jerusalem! hahaha but its coming soon! they're just getting a foothold over there right now and then we will see that temple go up!

I wrote Tyler back once, i received revelation to write him yesterday in conference and i need to! i think i will write him tonight when we get home and are waiting for calls! :) i hope he's doing great! Ali Gomm, my friend that took me to the MTC is a great fellow-shipper for him! He flew up there not long ago to hang out with her up there and i hear it went great! i hope hes still holding strong! :) i will write him later! and talk about a mission, i know it is the greatest thing i have ever done in my life and i know it will bless his and be the same! i will talk about it!

Hey, when u make it to the salt lake temple, ill make it to the Atlanta temple! haha :) I told elder fisher thank you when he wrote it, and then i wrote his parents one :) haha! Everything is great here in Marietta, GA! I love it! and i Love the work! I gotta write shaun&kelley right now! but know again i love u all! and have a great week!

Love Always!
Elder Nelson

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