Sunday, April 10, 2011

April 10, 2011: Mom's Letter to Eric

Dear Eric,

So are you doing alright? Hope you have been staying
well and that you are happy! I guess by now you had the
transfers. Tell us about your newest companion?

I think you had said he had been out longer than you
but you would be made the Leader? Is that right?
You must be a lot ahead of these other missionaries!

We already knew that though! You were always studying
and reading and keeping up on everything! Keep up the
great work that you are already doing!

How is the weather there? Yesterday we had a big storm
come through here and got some rain and a lot of snow
on the mountains. your dad worked on Mt. Lemmon
and they got like 10 inches!! It is nice and cool here
today. Probably be our last cool day til the Fall!!

We still haven't done the motor vehicle stuff you wanted
us to do. I talked to Susan the other night and we can do
it tonight or tomorrow ok? She had said that when you
lived out their she had helped you get a copy. Did you
not remember to take it with you or just need more
copies? Do you think you will be driving a car soon?

Your Dad is going out of town on Wed. morning til
Sunday night! Another EXCITING LIFE VANTAGE seminar!!!!
It is up in Salt Lake City this time around. So wish me luck.
I will be doing it all by my self here at the homestead!!
I will definitely have adhd and be really tired!!! Wish me luck!!

Hey Eric did you ever find out what Church newspaper or
magazine you were in? We would love to be able to get it!
Let us know if you can.

So tell me what all has been going on there in Marietta.
When is that baptism going to be? Do you still eat out at
a lot of members homes? Still no sweet potato pie or
black eyed peas?!!

I can't believe you have been out for 2 months already!
A few nights ago Gina said out of the clear blue sky-
I want to see Eric! Can he come back! I had to explain
it to her that you still have a lot longer to be out on your mission.
Not sure she understands it.

Hey Eric I would like to send you a little something for Easter!
What kinds of candy or foods do you like? I can through in
a pack of tortillas too! ha! Anyways let me know big fellow.

Well I gotta go and fix the dinner, you have an awesome week
and keep on working hard! Stay safe.

Love Mom

Tonight we are having lasagna I still feel like calling either you
or Josh over for dinner!! It's a hard thing to have all you boys gone!!
But I am ok! Sorry this computer messed up on the sequence
of a sentence or two! Take care Love ya!Smile

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