Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011: Eric's Letter to Kevin

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From: Eric Nelson
Date: Mon, Apr 25, 2011 at 12:04 PM
Subject: Re: The future is as bright as your faith!
To: Kevin Nelson

Hey man! i just wanted to write you back today and tell you, thank you for sharring you experiences with me! it has really helped me overcome just the natural times when you loose it and just wanna beat the crap outta him! haha! thanks man! its really hard, i talk to all the members, plan everything, teach every lesson, and talk to every contact! haha its way hard, im pretty use to it now though! its rough, he just sleeps in to like 8am every morning and barely is ready for comp studies and he is way wierd! like total dif sense of humor! like 168 degrees away from me haha! haah theres like 12 degrees where we see eye to eye on haha! i know that the lord has put him with me for a specific reason! i need to learn patience and love for everyone! and learn how to deal with him.. every companion prepares you for the next one! so i can just imagine the next one i get haha! everyone says they see me going DL and training next transfer, i dont wanna go leadership haha i think i would suck at it, training would be different! i doubt going DL or trainer though! but anyways, im getting off on a tangent... I LOVE MY COMPANION.. i tell myself that all the time and i look for the best in him, at least hes out on a mission right? alot of people dont go.. but hahaha its freakin rough man! im half way through the transfer and i wanna beat the crap outta him all the time haha! last week at p day we played sand volleyball for a zone p day and him and another missionary tried to come and tackle me and throw me in the river.. one had me picked up, i had my right hand on his hands pulling him off, and then my comp came in and tried to tackle me, but i grabbed his throat with my left hand and picked him up, off the ground, and threw him 5 feet and he fell down haha! it was like a roid rage!! hahahah! it felt way good after wards, but then i felt so bad!! haha! i could easily beat the crap outta the skinny little kid, but when i look at him through the eyes of the Savior, i love him for all the reasons that the normal "carnal" man doesnt like about him.. its rough man, and i am looking forways to MAY 18th! at transfers! haha i will find Zion and peace with him though! and i will work my hardest! i will exaust myself in the work! physically and mentally!
i am excited to talk with you soon man! in 13 days! haha my voice has gotten way high and i no longer have a six pack haha! :) i have gained like 13 pounds! hahaha! but anyways manbearpig, i gotta run! i will endure and love him and do the best i can! i love Georgia! it is the best mission in the world! it has been the greatest blessing to me in my life! til i speak with you!

Amor hermano,
Elder Nelson

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