Sunday, April 3, 2011

April 3, 2011: Mom & Dad's Letters to Eric

Dear Eric,

Hi there! How have you been? I imagine that you are
happy to have a day off. Well I hope all has been going
well for you. I wrote you a nice letter today so I will be
mailing that out tomorrow. Just think about you everyday.

Wishing you the best for the upcoming week. What is on
the agenda for today and the rest of the week?

I will keep it short as I wrote that letter! Love ya, Mom

Hello Eric,

This is your Pa! Josh and Lisa and company made it back to their home in Minnesota today about 5 PM. I'm so happy they made it alright. Now they can rest somewhat and get on with life. Josh starts work tomorrow at T- Mobile. Lisa landed a job also at a nice salon and starts in May. We here have been blessed to have a great tax debt forgiven and have had 5 more estimates call in this week. We have been so blessed.
Thanks so much for your prayers and those prayers of you reading this message. It seems so much was taken away and so much more returned. I have learned some lessons that I am truly grateful for and am not sure I could have learned any more quickly than as have been presented.

Thanks for sharing the letter you sent to your mission president. I am not sure if that gal, Reney, Is in your area or that of your ZL but I hope she gets baptized soon. This morning's conference session addressed revelation and the way you shared with Rene it would come to her. Keep sharing and getting in the trenches. Many will come to know their Savior as you continue in sharing your testimony with them.
Remember to always pray and keep the commandments. I am so happy you can be serving.

Keep writing Tyler. Write him constantly. He looked great at General Priesthood meeting last night at church. He needs to serve a mission as I know you can attest to. He may think more of that possibility the more he communicates with you as a full-time missionary.

Have a great week this week. In two weekends I plan to go to Salt lake for a Lifevantage convention. That will be fun and informative. I hope I can make the Temple while there.

Please thank your companion for the wonderful note he wrote us about you a couple weeks ago. It was a very mature thing for him to do and sounded great the way he built you up to us. Of course we already knew of the good things he was talking about. Be sure to thank him.

Keep your head up and always remember we are praying for you. Set aside temptation quickly as did our Lord and Master as He had thoughts come to Him to deal with. He had them as we do yet always took care of them in an orderly quick fashion, every one. He never held on to one but quickly dismissed them.

Take care and we will talk to you soon enough.
Love you very much, Dad

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