Monday, April 25, 2011

April 25, 2011: Eric's Letter Home

Date: Mon, 25 Apr 2011 14:19:21 -0400
Subject: Re: Sunday - Monday.........
From: Eric Nelson
To: Lisa Nelson

Hey mom and familia!

Its great to hear from you guys!! :) Easter was great! we didnt have anything planned, but at church, the Clark family signed up for a dinner! :) ohh how i love the Clark family! they are really fun and love missionarys! we shared all of our crazy stories and they loved it! haha and we played a fun card game last night!!! :) so Easter was really fun! and on Saterday we went over to the Ayala's house and had a great Easter party there! we had a BBQ with all of their family, that has been inactive since they were baptised! and they just got back from the temple open house and after we ate, we answered all their questions about the temple.. (what endowments are, whats the purpose of them..and stuff like that..) :) but it was really cool because everything i said was inspired by the holy ghost and it made them understand everything and had answeres for all of their many hard/tough questions they posed, and i remember they asked 1 that i couldnt really answer, so we bent it around prayer and the holg ghost and it met their needs! it was a awesome experience!!! Ya i still do all the teaching!

That sounds like a fun Easter party you guys have had! i need to write grandpa soon! i think i may have to send him some pictures at least tonight!! :) haha

13 DAYS now right?! im way excited!! we are 3 hours ahead of you guys.. so i may call at like 9am my time.. 6am your guys time! :) haha and ill use our mission cell to call for an hour, and then throughout the rest of the day im going to use members home phones to call and talk as much as i can.. My companionship has been getting a little better, we have been building more unity, which is great, but its really awkward still and i have to do all the planning and teaching and talking still.. im sorta use to it now haha! but hes a good guy, he just is different.. i love him.. he has recently developed a pattern for sleeping in :( he sleeps in til 8 and then gets up and showers and then barely is ready for comp study time.. but i just gotta be the strong foundation and learn from him! i know that Heavenly Father wants me to be with him to learn to be patient and love everyone and i know that every companion prepares you for the next one, so my next comp will be GREAT!! :) haha hahahahhaha! justkidding, im doing great! i love the guy! Heavenly Father loves him, so i need to grow to that level and i will before transfers are over! i promise i will find zion with my companion, after all, it all starts in the heart of the individual before it can shine through and affect others! so i must change and i will grow and develop love for him..

I want to thank you guys for the wonderful package you guys have sent to me this last week! :) i loved it! i loved all the snacks! haha i have eaten all the banana bread already! :) haha and the shirt is a perfect fit! im wearing it right now, because we just went and played disc golf! very fun game!! :) and i wore the tie the other day for my interview with President Satterfield! haha it was a great interview! Transfers are on May 18th! A few days ago, i reset Mark Jones baptismal date to May 7th! its so awesome! hes so excited for it! he is planning of moving out of his house right now into his brothers just to get baptised! so that will happen on the 7th of may! and then the Lost Mountain Elders have a investigator for us that has a baptismal date for the 14th of May! so we will have 2 baptisms before transfers are here! its so cool! im stoked for them! :)

Thank you guys for all the support and love you have shown to me the past few weeks! i loved the constant help! it has really helped get me through the roughest times of my mission/life to date! you guys are so awesome, and i just cant wait to hear/talk to you guys! :) tell shaun thank you for the CD player! i will just buy some speakers here at target or something! :) u guys have another box your sending out soon? WOW! :) :) :) you guys really know how to make me feel so much better! thank you guys so much for that! i promise you will be blessed in every aspect of life as you help me out! the lord helps those that help his missionaries! its 100% true!!

Im so excited for Grandmas ties and your guys tortillas soon! :) did gma/gpa get me letter this past week?

the weather here has been pretty gooooooood! the humidity is slowly creeping into the settling of every breeze and it is getting sorta warm haha! i hear it only stays in like the 80s and maybe maybe low 90s in the summer when the humidity is the worst, so just craziness is gonna be happining soon haha!

I gootttaa goo, i gotta wrie a few others, but thank you soooo much! I love you guys! and will do anything for you!

"We are the Body"

lettme know if there is anything i can do for you guys! I will be true and work hard with every desire in my soul!

Love Always, Elder Nelson

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