Monday, April 4, 2011

April 4, 2011: Eric's Letter to Shaun

Hey Shaun and Kelly!

I love you guys! thank you so much for all the support and help u have given me! Shaun, I am very sorry I haven't been able to write you all to much! I tried to write u a few weeks ago, I'm not sure if u got it haha? :) so i have some crazy stories for u guys! The other day we were in the projects, nothing but dark scary projects.. I was the senior comp for the day ha-ha! if u look up Marietta, GA, look up "Lemon Street" haha and look at the projects! :) Shaun i know u wanna hear some gangsta stories haha! so here we go.. We rode our bikes about 8 miles to get there, we locked our bikes up in a members yard nearby and put our backpacks, watches, wallets and everything in their house and set off on foot with a BOM in hand and pamphlets! haha we talked to a few ladies right off the bat of walking into the projects. We taught the restoration after gaining their trust, we started off asking for an old former to break the ice and then we eventually have now 2 new investigators.. we said a prayer and left.. started walking down/ deeper into the projects and came across these two old ladies sitting on their porch smoking.. we broke the ice, one of the ladies names was "Granny" she has been there for about 25 years, and the others was Charity.. Charity had her ears shredded up! like they had earrings and they were ripped out! so she had shredded ears! way disgusting haha! but we talked with them and started talking about what we do and the temple open house, and they did all the talking and everything.. we told them our purpose as missionaries, but they just wanted to blab.. they stopped looked at me and said.. "Wait.. Look at him! He looks like someone famous! he looks like John Cena (the wrestler)... ohhhhh he looks so fine... ( i laughed) ... I use to look at him all the time! MMMMM! Do you want to come in?" we were like "nope, we gotta go!" haha so we left with a word of prayer and granny said it and she was rubbing my hand and fingers the whole time.. haha and then she stopped and wanted me to continue! so i started to pray and then i rubbed elder fishers hand and then he started to pray haha! and then she finished! haha way awkward! haha and then we got out of there cause the sun was setting! there are some others! i will have to tell u guys when i call u.. i cant afford writing them by email.. haha ill send pictures and u guys can draw conclusions about what happened haha and then i will tell u on mothers day about what really went down haha! Crazy stuff goes down in the hoods/projects man! haha oh ya, both granny and charity were coked outta their minds haha! it was scary/ but so funny! haha! i love it! and as long as were faithful and worthy we will be looked after if our eye is single to the glory of god! Shaun thank you so much for updating my facebook and blog! everyone says they look amazing! good job man! :)

Kelly, i just got ur letter the other day in the mail! it was addressed the 15th of march and i got it the 31st! haha! But ima write back 2 u by email k? I am doing amazing! how is Hawaii? i hear its amazing right now in spring!? My mission is going amazingly well! i love everything about it! my first area, Marietta, is simply an awesome area! they were going to white wash it but and me and elder fisher changed their minds of that and changed work completely 180 degrees! we have like 17 Investigators right now and tons of other great accomplishments! were working hard! Elder Fisher is an amazing Trainer! we get along great! and were like best friends serving together! its awesome! Your graduating this April? that's awesome! congrats! hopefully u get the job at target and/or the Hilton or Enterprise! those are all awesome! good job on all the hard work u have done and keep doing! I will def keep u in my prayers! I was hearing about japan and all of that! its ridiculous! the end of the world is coming! its crazy!

My favorite color is blue, i love all kinds of goodies haha i'm fat now :) i put on a few lbs haha! but the bike is helping me keep off the extra unwanted lbs! haha i think the 3 or 4 lbs i have gained have been from the bike! haha i think i'm fine on missionary supplies haha! i could use an inexpensive CD player so i could play the cd's we have and maybe some church mix cd's or something! that's be way awesome! :)
Since being on my mission i have learned so much! its crazy to see the growth to today! on like every topic of the gospel i have a personal and extremely strong testimony of each principle that will never be wavered! I have become so much more knowledgeable, and loving and caring! its amazing! i absolutely love it! and looking back through my 2 months so far, i have always had great days! i have never had a bad day! that just goes to show how much the gospel is true and Mosiah 2: 17 is true... "when ye are in the service of your fellow beings, ye are only in the service of your God." I bear a solid and emotional testimony of that! it is beyond compare with any other truth in the world! I love my mission and have changed so much!
You guys can always take a trip to Marietta, GA haha and then head on up to Illinois :) haha that's awesome! and another thing the mission has done is make my relationships so much more deeper and stronger with each of my family members! and my love has grown so much for them! i'm excited for u to go see ur family soon! :) i gotta run! hopefully u guys get this email! i love u both so much! and i hope u guys are having a great time in school! good luck with everything! and i will be praying for u! "have a blessed day!" (south talk) and a blessed week! :) hahaha! and remember i love u guys so much!

Love Always!
Elder Nelson!

p.s.- here's the letter from pres to me this week...

Elder Nelson thank you for your letter. Great numbers. I can tell you are working hard! Sister Satterfield and I are so very glad you are here in the mission! It is fun to watch you learn and grow!

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