Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011: Eric's Letter Home (Tucker, Conference, 'gators...)

Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 11:12:31 -0400
Subject: Re
From: Elder Eric Nelson
To: Lisa Nelson

hey mom and dad! i hope you guys are doing good in Arizona! and are doing okay? I didn't get any emails from you guys or anyone this week and hope everything is fine! we are in best buy just for a few minutes! because the county i am in is having internet troubles this morning at the libraries! so we will try and go get back on at the library at like 4 o clock this evening! but if i cant, know that i am doing wonderful here in Tucker! yesterday there was a member baptism, and afterward a guy walked into the church telling us how he was contacted by missionaries down in Cancun a while ago and that the past week or so he has just been thinking a ton about that and the church! so we taught him and gave Victor a tour of the church! and he has tons of potential! like i think he will be baptized next transfer! transfers are on the 29th of June! so next Monday evening we will get a call telling us if we are staying or leaving! i think we are going to both stay together for another transfer! yesterday our mission president was at our stake conference, and our bishop grabbed him and told him that he never wants us to leave the ward! that he wants elder Horner and I to stay there forever! and President Satterfield was so impressed by us! Stake Conference was crazy yesterday! the Atlanta Stake Pres is a black guy! so he was preaching like a Southern Baptist! haha it was way sweet! and we had Bishop Kieth McMullin, the 2nd counselor from the Presiding Bishopric from the church there! it was way sweet! :) it was a great experience! I gotta get running! but I hope you guys are safe! and hope to hear from you guys soon! have a great day! i will try to write you guys this evening when we head back to the library! :) I love you guys! and the church is true!
Love Your Son!
Elder Eric Dean Nelson

PS- we have 5 investigator baptisms on Sunday the 26th! we are way excited for them

Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011: MORE PICS from ATLANTA!!!

June 13, 2011: Pics from Atlanta (Zoo, Underground, etc.)

June 13, 2011: Eric's Letter Home

heyyyy Ya'll!!!! hahah :) hey guys! how are you doing this fine day? :) we decided to email after we went to the ATLANTA ZOO today! :) and to a little southern bbq shack in southeast Atlanta hhaaha! :) it was so good! this past week has been amazing! we worked so hard this last week,and had 10 investigators at church! one was crazy! her name was "Sister B" hahahha! she was a referral to us, we went over to her house in the projects in ATL, she opened the door, smoke hit us like a CAR! haha you couldn't even see to the other side of the room, thats how thick it was! haha! and in the middle of the lesson, i asked her how she felt, and she stood us, and sang... "I feel good......!" hahaha and then sat back down! it was sweet! then after the lesson, we were saying goodbye to Bernadette, and she was like, call me "Sister B"... shes like 56 years old haha! and we did and she started to rap and break dance! it was freaking sweet! we were all, "Now break it down..!" and she went into a pose! haha it was crazy! and then at church, after one of the speakers finished, she stood up and started clapping! hahaha :) it was freaking sweet!
How was your guys week? oh ya, that was back when i was in Marietta! haha, the day before i was emergency transferred out! haha! i was going 30 miles an hour through a parking lot, and a car pulled out, and i put on my breaks and hit a pot hole, and flew over my handle bars for like 10 feet on the asphalt! and banged up my knee and cut up my elbow! but everything is fine now :)
when was the last time Kevin came down?how did the girls like the museum? i went to the Atlanta zoo today and i think the girls would have loved it there! i have been very active here in GA! every morning we go to the track and run about 2 miles, and then go home and do tons of push ups and everything like that! :) but underground was was sweet! i will have to send you some pictures of it right now, when i end this letter!
I want to thank you for the BOX!!! :) i loved it! i loved the girls things in there! and the colored rock! haha its on my desk right now! :) I love when you guys send stuff like that! :) it makes your whole day just so much better.
with our member, we live in the same house as he does, he buys everything, band we have our own bedroom and planning/studies room! and bathroom, but we share everything else..
Alex Bosse left huh? WOW! that's crazy that only 4 months ago i left! I'm so proud of him for leaving though! i hope he likes the mtc, i got bored of too much of the same thing ya know? how long is he gonna be there? he will be a really good missionary! that's not good that he was sick when he was about to report! can you guys get me the date he will be in the mission field? and his mission home address? thank you guys! :)
that's cool, you guys bought a Tramp, I'm sure the little kiddos will love it! how has you weeks been?
The work here is going fabulous! this past week, an investigator thath's a baptismal date, but is addicted to Marijuana, gave us a call on his 3rd day sober! and told us he was having some really bad stuff happening, and temptation was insane, and asked if we could head right over to his house, and we got our team-up to head right on over there, and when we got there Brandon, was in tears and wasn't the average happy, energetic kid we know! he was depressed and way sad! Brandon has read the whole Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants and knows they are true! he has a way sweet conversion story with it! and With Brandon, he described to us how the adversary was pulling him down, and we shared with him Joseph smiths account of the devil coming upon him, and read and bore testimony of the situation, and had Brandon give the prayer before the blessing, and as he did, he gave one of the most spiritual, heart felt, honest, best prayers i have ever heard before! he was pleading with Heavenly Father in the prayer, and was crying, and it was so sincere, it brought tears to all of us and the spirit was so strong, after the prayer, he asked if i could give him a blessing, so i did and it was an amazing experience! the spirit was flowing out of me! and i have no remembrance of what i had said, just mentioning about how much Heavenly Father loves him and how he is there to help him and that's about all, and the blessing must have been like 10 minutes, and after it was over and we sealed the blessing, the spirit was so strong, it completely turned him around! and brought back his old happy mood! :) only the spirit can do that, and bring true happiness! it was cool, about a week ago, we wasn't giving up smoking weed at all and had no intentions, and was going to go do something he was going to regret, and i had a prompting to say... "Share the gospel!" and i did and he went into a story of how he did and the happiness it brought to him, and we left with a prayer and i feel that sparked his change of heart, it completely changed his mood when we were with him last week, and as i followed the spirit, the spirit told him exactly what he needed to hear, to prepare him for his change of heart! It is a really cool story! we have him set for the 26th to be baptized! and a family of 4! :)) so were way excited!
How is joey doing? i need to write him soon! how have the girls been doing on summer break? :) well guys, i gotta get running! but thank you for the box! and the wonderful inspirational spirits you are to me! dad, how is your Book of Mormon reading going? getting 7 pages a day? it is so neat isn't it?!

Gotta go! have a great week! i love all of ya'll
Love Always, Elder Eric Nelson

Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 8, 2011: Eric's Letter to President

From: Eric Nelson
Date: Wed, Jun 8, 2011 at 11:37 AM
To: President Satterfield

Dear President Satterfield,

Goals: 5 10 6 5 3 20 55
Actuals: 4 5 6 8 2 24 91

Hello President Satterfield and Sister Satterfield! Thank you for everything you do, and all the hard work you guys do! Elder Horner and I really took away so much from Zone Conference! It was a really uplifting day! This week we had a really good week! We didn't have as many people show up to church as we wanted to but we are trying to do all that we can to get our investigators there, so they can partake of the Spirit in greater abundance! Yesterday after conference we went to work and then went to an appointment we had at 6:30 at the church with our baptisimal dates, (the Johnson family), and their fellowshipping family! It was such a neat experience because as soon as we arrived, another one of our Investigators that has read the whole Book of Mormon and knows it is true was sitting on the curb outside the church, he has an addiction to marjiuana, and was waiting for his addiction recovery class at 8pm. We talked to him and he told up about the change of heart he has had! And how he wants to be baptised this month! It was cool, Elder Horner and I related very well to him, because we both have had massive changes of hearts in our lives and it was so cool to relate to him! This morning in studies I was going through the challenge of the Book of Mormon and was reading in Alma chapter 5, and it was talking about that change of heart! We are planning on talking to him about that today, along with reading the chapter with him. And also setting a baptismal date with him. And after we left him in the gym, we went to the Primary room and had a great lesson with the Johnson family and they loved The Gospel of Jesus Christ! We made each principle as a stepping stone, and taught the lesson with the family of all ages, and had alot of fun doing it, and then after wards we had them go down the path and tell us about each stepping stone! And they did a wonderful job relating the key points about each gospel doctrine! They did a wonderful job and are so excited to be baptised on the 26th of this month! Things here are going great! The work is amazing! And we are working with everything we have, mentally, physically, spiritually, and emotionally! And are seeing wonders and miracles come to life here in the Brockett Ward, we have reclaimed the ward and they love us as missionaries! One member made a comment to our ward mission leader that said, "Wow, we have some really good, high caliber missionaries don't we?" And he said, "Yes we do! They are great missionaries!" And the Bishop called the other day and thanked us for everything we have done and for the enthusiasm we have brought back into the ward for missionary work! It was quite amazing! We have been working very well! And are doing wonders here! Thank you for everything you have done for us! And we hope you have a wonderful week!

Love Always,
Elder Eric Dean Nelson

June 8, 2011: Eric's Letter to Shaun

Hey man, i just needed to write you fast before Monday, about my disobedient comp, he listens to country music all the time at the house on his CD player, and cusses when he "feels like a missionary to much".. he will drop f bombs just for no reason and says s*** and all that, he doesn't like authority, and gets pist so easily, like today, we finished reading the white handbook, and we had 4 more pages to read, because we have to read 8 pgs a day for comp study, and he was like, "I'm done, it will make it easier for next time" and i was like "dude, lets just do it and then we can have the satisfaction of being completely obedient to that rule.." and he was like "NO! I'm not doing that, you can!" and he got up and stormed out of the room and i sat there reading the rest of the pages out loud and when i finished he came back in and continued comp study.. then yesterday, we knocked on a DNC's home and she came out and was like "i don't want you guys coming around anymore!" and he got all pissed and was like "FINE!!!! HAVE A GOOD DAY!!! (yelling it)" and stormed off! and i looked at her and in a sincere voice i said, "Tamara, Jesus loves you and i personally hope you have a good day." and as she was rebuked by the spirit and she shut the door, bu he made a big scene about it.. and all he does is talks about his gf and how he is gonna marry her and do the deed with her and everything! so it makes it hard to feel the spirit when he is polluting my mind with sin... and he gets on facebook all the time and talks with his girl and friends on it and everything, and justifies everything.. and gets on ESPN all the time and everything, he says so "he can keep up on the stats and news so he can talk to anyone on the street about it, and with members" it really bothers me because he is hypocritical, like he gave a small 5 minute talk at zone conference yesterday about obedience and the happiness that comes from it and rebuked everyone for not being obedient and talked about how we need to improve, and it just bothers me knowing that he intentionally breaks the mission rules and commandments just to feel cool, and fit in and "have fun"........ but he is a great elder, and i love him! he works, and we work well together and likes to be of a help to others, i just wanted to ask you how you would deal with him? and how you would encourage him to become better and repent? thanks for your time! i gotta go!
Love Always,
Elder Nelson

Monday, June 6, 2011

June 6, 2011: Pics from the A.T.L.

June 6, 2011: New Address Update

hello everybody! my new address is

Elder Eric Dean Nelson
4036 Oakcrest Drive
Tucker, GA 30084

And i am living with a member, his name is President Schmit, he use to be in the stake presidency! and he use to be a bodyguard for Spencer W. Kimball, and i told him that that is my grandpa's uncle, and it was like an immediate love between us! hahah! i am sorry i have been a little slow on the emails, hopefully today i can get many more out, and catch up! :) but this is my new address, and the next transfers are on the 29th of June! so they are coming up! i think i will be staying here with elder Horner for another transfer!
Elder Nelson

June 6, 2011: Eric's Letter Home

Hello everyone! how are you guys doing? i am doing great here i Tucker! in the brockett ward! elder horner is a great elder to serve with, i have to push him alot to work hard, but he is doing great!things are going wonderful here! we picked up 8 new investigators this week and 91 positive contacts! way cool huh?We had a way cool experience with a Less active last night, he served a mission in Germany, and we talked about his mission and i asked him about miracles he saw on his mission and it made him break down into tears to remember the spirit he felt on his mission! and the spirit was so strong, and i had tears in my eyes from the experience! we really learned what it means to "Teach people, not lessons" with people last night! it was such a neat experience! and the AP's text me this morning saying, we are doing a grweat job! that we are starting that fire in that area again! it was really cool!
Man, i was looking forward to getting a long letter from you guys today! :) ahaha! i guuess its okay! :) A car is pretty nice, its pretty warm, and you never stop to sweat! like its not to warm, but u are just pouring sweat out of ur body non stop haha! it sounds like you guys are getting into the warm summers! haha ohhh man, ho i hated them haha! but it is really neat though! elder horner wants to get in shape, he goes home in 6 months! so everymorning i have been running/working out for an hour with him, and we are doing great! my mission president says "Show me your mornings, and i will show you your missions" :) and it is so true! i know that the Lord will bless us as we continue to do our best and i know that the church is true and we need to go to church for our benifit not Heavenly Fathers.
My address is 4036 Oakcrest Drive, Tucker GA 30084... I hope grandpa can get that soon so i can hear from him! i worte him right after transfers! so i am anxious to hear from him again! :)


hahahahah thats funny, little gina is teasing nicole! haha i remeber her doing that and i would always get such a kick outta that! hahah! Time does fly by so fast! this past week, i hit my 4 month mark! and it is crazy to see how fast it has gone so fast! i hear from 6 months til like 21 just fly! and then you realize "hey, im going home soon" and then you get trunky and depressed! ahaaha!
WOW! those wildfires sound like crazyness! stay safe! and trust in the Lord! he will look after you! :)
CONGRADULATIONS on the 28 years! thats great! :) what did you guys do for it?
how is taft and matthan doing? are they doing okay? getting use to the land of eternal p-days yet? haha
Sister Clayton really loved me, shes a great lady! ima call her soon so i can re motivate her into church, shes really chill about going to church!
I am staying with a member again, his name is President Schmit, he use to be a body guard for Pres Kimball! crazy huh? i have some picstures of tm together! i could always use some money haha, a check is better, i always forget to use gift cards haha!

but i gotta run! my time is running down! I hope you guys are doing great! and i am doing fabulous here in ATLANTA! well a subberb of atlanta haha! we are going to the underground today! its a underground mall under downtown Atlanta! :) ATL is so cool! there is always so much stuff to do there! :) have a great week! and i am exceited to hear from you guys next week! keep up the family prayers okay?!?!!?!?!? and continue to read out of the Book of Mormon, it is so true! Love Your Son,
Elder Eric Dean Nelson