Wednesday, June 8, 2011

June 8, 2011: Eric's Letter to Shaun

Hey man, i just needed to write you fast before Monday, about my disobedient comp, he listens to country music all the time at the house on his CD player, and cusses when he "feels like a missionary to much".. he will drop f bombs just for no reason and says s*** and all that, he doesn't like authority, and gets pist so easily, like today, we finished reading the white handbook, and we had 4 more pages to read, because we have to read 8 pgs a day for comp study, and he was like, "I'm done, it will make it easier for next time" and i was like "dude, lets just do it and then we can have the satisfaction of being completely obedient to that rule.." and he was like "NO! I'm not doing that, you can!" and he got up and stormed out of the room and i sat there reading the rest of the pages out loud and when i finished he came back in and continued comp study.. then yesterday, we knocked on a DNC's home and she came out and was like "i don't want you guys coming around anymore!" and he got all pissed and was like "FINE!!!! HAVE A GOOD DAY!!! (yelling it)" and stormed off! and i looked at her and in a sincere voice i said, "Tamara, Jesus loves you and i personally hope you have a good day." and as she was rebuked by the spirit and she shut the door, bu he made a big scene about it.. and all he does is talks about his gf and how he is gonna marry her and do the deed with her and everything! so it makes it hard to feel the spirit when he is polluting my mind with sin... and he gets on facebook all the time and talks with his girl and friends on it and everything, and justifies everything.. and gets on ESPN all the time and everything, he says so "he can keep up on the stats and news so he can talk to anyone on the street about it, and with members" it really bothers me because he is hypocritical, like he gave a small 5 minute talk at zone conference yesterday about obedience and the happiness that comes from it and rebuked everyone for not being obedient and talked about how we need to improve, and it just bothers me knowing that he intentionally breaks the mission rules and commandments just to feel cool, and fit in and "have fun"........ but he is a great elder, and i love him! he works, and we work well together and likes to be of a help to others, i just wanted to ask you how you would deal with him? and how you would encourage him to become better and repent? thanks for your time! i gotta go!
Love Always,
Elder Nelson

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