Monday, June 13, 2011

June 13, 2011: Eric's Letter Home

heyyyy Ya'll!!!! hahah :) hey guys! how are you doing this fine day? :) we decided to email after we went to the ATLANTA ZOO today! :) and to a little southern bbq shack in southeast Atlanta hhaaha! :) it was so good! this past week has been amazing! we worked so hard this last week,and had 10 investigators at church! one was crazy! her name was "Sister B" hahahha! she was a referral to us, we went over to her house in the projects in ATL, she opened the door, smoke hit us like a CAR! haha you couldn't even see to the other side of the room, thats how thick it was! haha! and in the middle of the lesson, i asked her how she felt, and she stood us, and sang... "I feel good......!" hahaha and then sat back down! it was sweet! then after the lesson, we were saying goodbye to Bernadette, and she was like, call me "Sister B"... shes like 56 years old haha! and we did and she started to rap and break dance! it was freaking sweet! we were all, "Now break it down..!" and she went into a pose! haha it was crazy! and then at church, after one of the speakers finished, she stood up and started clapping! hahaha :) it was freaking sweet!
How was your guys week? oh ya, that was back when i was in Marietta! haha, the day before i was emergency transferred out! haha! i was going 30 miles an hour through a parking lot, and a car pulled out, and i put on my breaks and hit a pot hole, and flew over my handle bars for like 10 feet on the asphalt! and banged up my knee and cut up my elbow! but everything is fine now :)
when was the last time Kevin came down?how did the girls like the museum? i went to the Atlanta zoo today and i think the girls would have loved it there! i have been very active here in GA! every morning we go to the track and run about 2 miles, and then go home and do tons of push ups and everything like that! :) but underground was was sweet! i will have to send you some pictures of it right now, when i end this letter!
I want to thank you for the BOX!!! :) i loved it! i loved the girls things in there! and the colored rock! haha its on my desk right now! :) I love when you guys send stuff like that! :) it makes your whole day just so much better.
with our member, we live in the same house as he does, he buys everything, band we have our own bedroom and planning/studies room! and bathroom, but we share everything else..
Alex Bosse left huh? WOW! that's crazy that only 4 months ago i left! I'm so proud of him for leaving though! i hope he likes the mtc, i got bored of too much of the same thing ya know? how long is he gonna be there? he will be a really good missionary! that's not good that he was sick when he was about to report! can you guys get me the date he will be in the mission field? and his mission home address? thank you guys! :)
that's cool, you guys bought a Tramp, I'm sure the little kiddos will love it! how has you weeks been?
The work here is going fabulous! this past week, an investigator thath's a baptismal date, but is addicted to Marijuana, gave us a call on his 3rd day sober! and told us he was having some really bad stuff happening, and temptation was insane, and asked if we could head right over to his house, and we got our team-up to head right on over there, and when we got there Brandon, was in tears and wasn't the average happy, energetic kid we know! he was depressed and way sad! Brandon has read the whole Book of Mormon and Doctrine and Covenants and knows they are true! he has a way sweet conversion story with it! and With Brandon, he described to us how the adversary was pulling him down, and we shared with him Joseph smiths account of the devil coming upon him, and read and bore testimony of the situation, and had Brandon give the prayer before the blessing, and as he did, he gave one of the most spiritual, heart felt, honest, best prayers i have ever heard before! he was pleading with Heavenly Father in the prayer, and was crying, and it was so sincere, it brought tears to all of us and the spirit was so strong, after the prayer, he asked if i could give him a blessing, so i did and it was an amazing experience! the spirit was flowing out of me! and i have no remembrance of what i had said, just mentioning about how much Heavenly Father loves him and how he is there to help him and that's about all, and the blessing must have been like 10 minutes, and after it was over and we sealed the blessing, the spirit was so strong, it completely turned him around! and brought back his old happy mood! :) only the spirit can do that, and bring true happiness! it was cool, about a week ago, we wasn't giving up smoking weed at all and had no intentions, and was going to go do something he was going to regret, and i had a prompting to say... "Share the gospel!" and i did and he went into a story of how he did and the happiness it brought to him, and we left with a prayer and i feel that sparked his change of heart, it completely changed his mood when we were with him last week, and as i followed the spirit, the spirit told him exactly what he needed to hear, to prepare him for his change of heart! It is a really cool story! we have him set for the 26th to be baptized! and a family of 4! :)) so were way excited!
How is joey doing? i need to write him soon! how have the girls been doing on summer break? :) well guys, i gotta get running! but thank you for the box! and the wonderful inspirational spirits you are to me! dad, how is your Book of Mormon reading going? getting 7 pages a day? it is so neat isn't it?!

Gotta go! have a great week! i love all of ya'll
Love Always, Elder Eric Nelson

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