Monday, June 20, 2011

June 20, 2011: Eric's Letter Home (Tucker, Conference, 'gators...)

Date: Mon, 20 Jun 2011 11:12:31 -0400
Subject: Re
From: Elder Eric Nelson
To: Lisa Nelson

hey mom and dad! i hope you guys are doing good in Arizona! and are doing okay? I didn't get any emails from you guys or anyone this week and hope everything is fine! we are in best buy just for a few minutes! because the county i am in is having internet troubles this morning at the libraries! so we will try and go get back on at the library at like 4 o clock this evening! but if i cant, know that i am doing wonderful here in Tucker! yesterday there was a member baptism, and afterward a guy walked into the church telling us how he was contacted by missionaries down in Cancun a while ago and that the past week or so he has just been thinking a ton about that and the church! so we taught him and gave Victor a tour of the church! and he has tons of potential! like i think he will be baptized next transfer! transfers are on the 29th of June! so next Monday evening we will get a call telling us if we are staying or leaving! i think we are going to both stay together for another transfer! yesterday our mission president was at our stake conference, and our bishop grabbed him and told him that he never wants us to leave the ward! that he wants elder Horner and I to stay there forever! and President Satterfield was so impressed by us! Stake Conference was crazy yesterday! the Atlanta Stake Pres is a black guy! so he was preaching like a Southern Baptist! haha it was way sweet! and we had Bishop Kieth McMullin, the 2nd counselor from the Presiding Bishopric from the church there! it was way sweet! :) it was a great experience! I gotta get running! but I hope you guys are safe! and hope to hear from you guys soon! have a great day! i will try to write you guys this evening when we head back to the library! :) I love you guys! and the church is true!
Love Your Son!
Elder Eric Dean Nelson

PS- we have 5 investigator baptisms on Sunday the 26th! we are way excited for them

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  1. Eric, It sounds like you are enjoying yourself and working hard. Remember it is important to always keep the Bible as the test for all our teachings and beliefs.