Sunday, March 13, 2011

March 13, 2011: Dad's Letter

Que pasa amigo? Almost done with the Mt. Lemmon job. That will be nice. Grovers never did call me back on their work. I'm sure you know how that is feeling not being able to get back into some homes after you make an initial visit.
I was looking at the Big Blue Calendar and noticed that on many Tuesdays in Atlanta, Georgia there is a Lifevantage meeting and looking closer at the same page it is held in no other than Marietta!! The address is 2252 Kilkenny Way !! The only meeting in Georgia and it is in Marietta. You guys ought to bust the meeting some evening, (maybe Tuesday) at 7 PM and tell them your dad is in the business and will soon be signing you up while you are out. You could ask them if they know Blue Elam or Colt Elam and mention they go to your same church back home in Sahuarita! David Milner and Richard Churchill are the contacts. May go somewhere?!
I won't make this too long as the computer many times disconnects us from the outside world without our knowing it and when we get ready to send out an e-mail it gets lost without being sent.

Hope all is well with you and you are acclimatizing more to beautiful Georgia. Hope the rain isn't too much. Kevin had as much rain on a bike I think and I'm sure it isn't fun. I very, very, very seldom had any rain on the coast of Peru. I got sand and dark rocks to look at and occasionally a plant to look at. There were some sugar cane fields and other types of farms to look at sometimes and they seemed so green but usually it was a lot of sand to look at.

We love you and hope the work is moving forward for you. I will write again soon. Love, Dad

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