Sunday, May 22, 2011

May 22, 2011: Letter from Dad to Eric

How are you doing Eric? We are real busy now with the two cute little girls out of school. It is fun having them home but it can get pretty rough and tumble sometimes especially now that Gina can intimidate Nicole and chase her around.
You mentioned that we ought to work together on what you mission president had written you. I'm not sure what you mean or need by that. I only got the part where he is talking about you hanging in there faithful regardless the companion you may get. That is what needs be done. Even with the home pictures we are sending hoping not to get you trunkey, one always need keep his nose in the work. Yuo will probably be an AP soon so share with every missionary and non-member and member alike that humble zeal that bubbles out of someone with a testimony. Always keep it humble remembering who the great mediator is and Him pleading our case as a friend and not as a lawyer. Not a hireling but one a Savior who saves with His payment; a horrible price , that we may go on to greater heights without the same suffering, pain , or sorrow.( D & C 45: 3-5) His yoke is light compared to what it could be ie. that suffering He endured. That is the good news of the gospel that we can avoid such misery and banishment as He had to for us if we will but follow Him and keep His commandments, " His Yoke." ( Mosiah 16 ) We can only hope, work, and pray that all will come unto Him that they not have to take the hard way but can rest assured they are on the path arm in arm with Him returning to our Heavenly Father. ( D&C 19: 15-19 )

I started this letter late and need to head off to bed but have a great day and week. Taft is home in 10 days. Be so happy you are still out there and can find more "Mark"s. Work hard and rest well. Much love, Dad

(D&C 19:38)

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