Monday, May 9, 2011

May 9, 2011: Eric's Letter to Mom

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From: Eric Nelson
Date: Mon, May 9, 2011 at 2:02 PM
Subject: Re: So nice talking to you!!!!!
To: Lisa Nelson

Mother Dearest! It was so great hearing your voice and dad! it really was nice! :) i loved it! hahah at Christmas ima have to leave you guys a few more voicemails! :) haha! Im so glad that you had such a wonderful mothers day! im wondering if you got my mothers day card i bought for you and sent out a few weeks ago? Yesterday i went on over to the hopkins home for mothers day and i fingerpainted a mothers day card for her :) haha! we had ribs and steak for dinner with mashed potatoes! haha :) great southern food! and we had Klondike bars haha! it was sweet! tonight were gonna get brownies and ice cream!! :)
WOW! im way excited to get those pictures! :) i love getting pictures! because like everywhere you go you can take those pics! and like when transfers come up, i can take a picture and tape it to the back of planner i carry around everywhere, so then that way i can always have those good memories with me :) can you guys send that package out in 2 weeks? because then i will let you guys know that i am in a new area or whatever, so then i can get it faster :) cause if you send it here, i may be transfered and then i may not get it :( haha! but i will let you guys know my transfer results not next monday but the monday afer that :) cause transfers are on the 18th of the month! I would love church cds! i can never get enough of them! like the ones i have now get old fast cause thats all you can listen to, but those and tortiallas are the best! :) i would love the cds left behind, one church ones tho..
I was able to talk to shaun and kelly and josh and lisa and kevin :) it was great to talk to them! i gotta talk all i wanted! it was so sweet!
Thank you for the compliment :) i have grown so much! and am so thankful to have grown so much! I will stay safe, A mission is the best/safest place to be in this world of craziness nowadays! :)
I hope kevins graduation goes great! i will be praying for him! i cant wait to see the pictures of his graduation! i hope it goes all planned to schedule!
Joey skyped with his family? thats way cool! ima have to ask president about that for next time! that would be neat to do! It was great to hear nicole and gina! :) i hope they have a great summer! and have fun at gmas pool! :) we have a baptism for june 4th, but it will probaably fall through or we will have to push it back

I gotta run, but i hope you guys have a great week! i love you guys! and it was so great to hear you yesterday! i hope u guys have a blessed day ;)

Love Always, Elder Nelson

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