Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011: Eric's Letter to Mom

HELLLLLOO mother and family! THank you for the beautiful letter! :) i really enjoyed reading it! I will be here in Marietta Georgia for another 6 weeks! and am so glad i have the opportunity to serve/ spend it with elder paxman! I love him! i will be here until June 29th! and that is the next transfer! :) but that means i will be on a bike for another 6 weeks in the Georgia Humidity! :) hahaha! I am doing fabulous today!
I have a really coool story that happened the other day! We went out right after studies, and ate an early lunch and stayed out until like 7pm, because we didnt have a teamup or dinner, so we worked the hardest we could all day and took dinner really late! but anyways, it was really hot and i think because of that, it had everyone in really bad moods and everyone we talked to was reallly angry on the streets and doors were being slammed in our faces non stop.. we had a really tough/ long day and people were screaming at us all day and our spirits were pretty demolished later in the day.. i had a thought come to me when we got in for the night.. "TO SOFTEN A BLOW OF A HARD DAY, BUY A MILKSHAKE" hahaha! so i convinced e. paxman that we were gonna do that to cheer us up, and we started walking down to target area, right by a Chick-Fil-A to get a milkshake, and before we got there, we passed a Crystal and there was a teenager kid and girl outside of it and he yelled "SSSSSAAATTTAANNNN" and laughhed at us and all of that, i stopped, smiled, looked at him and e pax was like.. "No man, dont do it!" he knew i couldnt take anymore.. Heavenly Father knows my limits and he honestly knows me so well! better than i know myself! I started walking over to this kid that yelled at us and i was gonna tell him about how much Jesus loves him.. but he ran inside, and there was an employee outside that was like.. "what jerls huh?!" We were like "Ya, hahaha!" and started talking about mission work and the gospel and i looked up and saw the guy and girl inside starring at us and smilling, so i smilled and waved! haha! and they must have been talking, cause another employee came out and was like "you guys are mormon right? i have some questions for you! :)" we got all excited and we talked about his religious background and i felt inspired to ask... "How bad do you wanna know if the true church is out there?" he said, "I wanna know really bad" i said, "what would you do to know?" he said, "I would do anything" I smiled and started teaching about the Savior and his apostasy and the restoration and then when i got to the first vision i recited the whole thing while staring him in his eyes! not breaking contact! and the spirit was just so strong! and it was simple amazing! and then i told him about proof of that restoration was the Book of Mormon and he loved it! He was so excited to hear about it! and i promised him and bore solid amazingly guided testimony! it was so amazing! its so neat to see Heavenly Father guide me to him! He knows us so well, i think the whole day was prepared just so when that experience came i would do what he knew i was gonna do! I loved it! i loved being a vessel for the lord! it was amazing! we were so happy after it! :) we went and bought a milk shake! hahahah

We dont have to many plans today! :) we do our laundry as soon as we wake up, and i have been making elder paxman wake up every morning and i make us workout hard for like 45 minutes everyday! haha he is like physically dead all the time, we get in and he falls asleep hahah! I dont really have time to write letters though! i was barely able to write carrie akemon back that wrote me 2 months ago! haha i never really have time! i have lost weight because of the humidity and the working out so much! i am back down to 194! i was 191 when i left, and i got up to 204 a few weeks ago! but i am now at 194 :)
it has been in the really high 80s and some days have been in the 90s! and the humidity is starting to kick in! i can never dry off, you get out of the shower in the morning and you have beads of sweat drip down while your justy sitting there for p. study! haha its crazy! and when we go out biking, you never stop sweating all day until you find a house to teach in haha! 100 degrees of the AZ sun sure sounds fun compared to always being wet and in a sauna hahaha ;)COOL!! i am so excited to get that box! I will probably get it like thursday or friday! :) did you send it to my address i have been at for the past 3 months? thats where i will be for 6 more weeks! :)
thank you though for putting that together and sending it to me! it means so much to get a wonderful box from your family! it always helps you feel that love from your family again!
HAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAHAAHAHHAHA little gina and the onion! thats freakin nasty! hahahah but so funny! that made me laugh! haha! just leave out her dinner, right in front of her door, so if she doesnt finish it, it will be the first thing she sees when she wakes up at night! ahaha :)thats halarious!
I am So EXCITED for Nicole! and her baptism! you guys have to send me a picture or two! :) I know that baptism is such a wonderful gift given to us that allows us to take that first step back to heavenly father!

Family Videos of us naked? WOW! hahahaha sounds like tons of fun! i miss gathering together watching those videos back home! :) i really dont have any more time, i gotta run! but know that i personally know that the church is true! and that "The Gospel of Jesus Christ is lived in the Do-ing" and that it brings so much joy and peace and comfort to us as we live it and earnestly give in to Heavenly Father! I know that it blesses every life that it comes in contact to! and that Heavenly Fathjer wants us to worship him on sundays at church for both of our benefits! :) I hope you guys are gdoing fabulous?! and know that i love you guys! have a great week! and i wish to Thank You for the wonderful package you guys are sending me! i know that the church is true!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! and i know that our family is the house, and love is the cement! as we apply love, the bricks will stick to make a house of the lord! :) have a great week!
Love Always,
Your Son,
Elder Nelson

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