Monday, May 2, 2011

May 2, 2011: Eric's Letter to Shaun

hey man! i wanna thank you for getting me those addresses! I am so excited to call you guys in 6 days! when will be the best time to call you guys? write back asap man, i will get on this wed so i can forward you my letter to pres, but i wont write back, but lettme know what time i should call you guys, okay? :) i have some crazy stuff to tell you! lastnight we went to a ladies house that was possessed be the devil! freakin crazy intense man! i will tell you all about it on sunday! OSAMA is DEAD? no way! finally man! i wonder how all of that went down! i bet it was crazy to be in the position of those special forces guys! thats sweet though that hes finally taken care of! keep me updated okay man?

I recieved your guys box! THANK YOU guys for that box! it was freakin sweet! i love thet shirt man! im waring it right now, and were gonna go play disc golf after this! but thanks man! i love the book and cd too! i have listened to that cd at leaast like 20 times already haha! its freakin sweet! Hes such a good singer! i didnt know you were a ZL? i really loved your letter bro, it helped me so much! it helped strengthen me and build me patience with my comp! i loved the advice you gave me, i may have to impliment some techniques like the 1000000 dollar check hahaha! every door here in the south that has a "God bless" or "Bless our Home" door mat i make sure to use it against them if they dont want to have a prayer haha! :) i recently started to shout, "Its Jesus People" when we get the "who is it through the door" hahah and they usually open it! :) but then there are d bags that dont haha! the other day, we were on a corner of an intersection and a car full of teenagers was turning and the driver said to the passenger, "yell something at them" and the passenger was like "why?! i love jesus" hahaha it was sweet! :) everyone here loves Christ! everyone has religion though, which makes it hard! but its the best mission ever! i wouldnt change it ever! i wish i could change my comp tho haha! but i love him with all of my heart! and have learned so much from him!

Chris Browns bday doesnt mean much to me, thanks though! how has my FB been going? hahah i forgot about it! man, i am 1/8th done with my mission! crazy huh?!

I gotta run man! i hope you and kelly have a great week! oh, theres a girl in my ward that knows Carrie Akemon, she was her EFY counselor here in Georgia! haha crazy huh? :) her name is "ashley nichols" but ya man, i gotta run! my time is up! i will call u guys in 6 dias! thank you guys for the wonderful letter and package and shirt and cd and book! that book is sweet and also i wanna thank you for the tape measure haha i got a kick outta it :) haha i will use it, and report back to you! haha my arms have dropped to a 16 :/ but its for the lord and i can always get it back in 21 months! :) ahah cant wait to talk to you guys soon! thanks for the package again! have a great week!

Love Always, Tu Hermano,
Elder Nelson

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