Monday, May 23, 2011

May 23, 2011: Eric's Letter to Dad

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From: Eric Nelson
Date: Mon, May 23, 2011 at 12:36 PM
Subject: Re: Beautiful May
To: Michael Nelson

Hello dad! Thank you for your wonderful letter! I thoroughly love when your write me letters/talks! They always encourage me to become better! Thank you! I am doing Fabulous over here! The girls are maturing so much! THanks great! I am so joyful to see Heavenly Father Bless them so much with a loving family and life to grow up into!
That thing my mission president sent was an assignment given to all of us missionaries here in GA and we are suppose to encourage our families to do the assignment also! Its about reading the Book of Mormon in 12 weeks, or 7 pages a day and use 3 colored pencils for highlighting special things! and use a pen to circle the words "Deliver" and "remember" but i would like to ask you if you could do this with me? I am only 6 days into it and i am on page 80 of the Book of Mormon, i am trying to complete the assignment in 5 weeks! i think i can do it! It has blessed my life so much! i feel the spirit constantly and have a great love for every person i come into contact with! it is so amazing to feel that spirit constantly the whole day in the Georgia Humidity haha! I encourage you to preform this assignment, okay? You get a big picture of the book of mormon as you read and it really helps so much! it is so great! With the first colored pencil, you highlight any reference to "Christ" so... "Lord.. Thee.. Holy One of Israel.. I.. His words.. His atonement.. his mission.. and all of that" you highlight all of that with your 1st colored pencil and The Book of mormon is so true! it is so littered with Him and his doctrine and the doctrine of the gospel! its the greatest blessing ever! i love it and i know that you can come to the same thurst i have right now for the scriptures! :) that is the assignment i would like your to do, and then on mondays when we write, we can talk about what we learned during our weeks studies! :)
I will be an examplt for others! and model for all others to come unto! those pictures you guys have and are sending i want so i can show members and companions of my background and where i come from so i can develop my relationships with them so much better.. do you think thats a good idea?
Thank you very much for the wonderful uplifting letter! I loved it! and really appreciate it! the Savior really has done everything for us, by grace we are saved.. yes saved so much, but to our best potential we must preform works and show Heavenly Father that we want to Prepare the foundations here on this earth and that we want the blessings we can recieve if we press forward faithful to the end and we when we get to the next life, that mansion will be placed upon that foundation that we built here on this earth! I Love him so much!
I love you so much! And have a great week! i cant wait to hear from you soon!
Love always, Elder Nelson

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