Wednesday, May 11, 2011

May 11, 2011: President's Letter

om Eric Nelson
to Shaun Nelson
date Wed, May 11, 2011 at 6:16 AM
subject Re: Birthday

Hey man, i didnt have time on monday.. But i want to wish you and Kelly a HAPPY 2 YEAR ANNIVERSARY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! sorry its alittle belated!

heres my letter to president:

President Satterfield,
Goal: 1 3 6 4 3 20 70
Actual: 1 3 6 5 2 28 64
Hello President Satterfield! How was your week? Is it warming up down there in Peachtree City also? Things here are going great! I love missionary work! It brings such a pleasure to me personally! I have worked on serving my companion even more! I know that through service we can feel Heavenly Father guiding us to polish up our Christ-like attributes. And trying to be an "example to all the unbelievers" has helped me develop such a love for the gospel. These past few days I have been reflecting upon a quote, "You will always miss one hundred percent of the shots that you don't take" and reflecting upon this has pushed me to become a more effective and efficient missionary. I am on exchanges with Elder Calcote right now and see that he is a great Elder, He is really knowledgable and I love him so much, he is quite the worker! We are going to try using Beginning Teaching in all of our contacts and teaching! I am excited to see the spirit testify to everyone! Elder Paxman and I have been doing great! He is such a great companion to serve with! He has taught me so much! Last Saterday was Mark Jones baptism, and it went great! The spirit was really strong and it testified to all of us of the change and progression he has made! It was truly magnificent, such a blessing to see him progress so much and change his life around and come to the knowledge of the Restoration of the Gospel! President, today I completed reading Preach My Gospel, and it was such a great experience to take part of, it has helped me learn honestly how to proclaim HIS gospel, and rely on him for everything. It has let me act upon faith constantly and always improve to become a better missionary. I hope you are having a great week! I wanted to thank you personally for being such a great example to look up to and to show us all how to improve! I am excited about this Book of Mormon assignment! I think it will help us re-build our foundations strong and immovable! I hope you are enjoying it out here in the mission field! Know that i love you and Sister Satterfield so much!
Love Always,
Elder Nelson

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