Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011: Emergency Transfer-Letter Home

hellooo!!! its so good to hear from you guys again! i am no longer in Marietta Georgia! On saterday morning i got a call and President Satteffield was on the other line! he said "Elder Nelson, I have a special assignment for you!?" "I really need your help!?" I said okay, what do you want and i will do it! President told me how there have been some elders in a ward called Brockett, in Tucker Georgia... and they have been "getting with" a youth (14yr old) girl in the ward.. they were completely dissobedient! and were not doing any missionary work really at all! and breaking the COMMANDMENTS! ecspecially the law of chasity! They were horrible elders and the members in the ward really hated missionaries! they didnt have any respect for the missionaries anymore! and the respect for missionaries was shot! and there was no respect there! One of the missionaries was sent home, and
d the other was transfered out to linnett georgia! it is crazy! one of the elders only stayed in the mission because he has 4 weeks left! crazy huh?! anyways enough talking about these disobedient elders! President gave me TWO assignments! 1.) Show the ward that missionaries are there to work! and number 2.) RECLAIM the ward at all costs! gain their trust and love and completely stay away from the "Gallagher family" do not talk to them.. i have permission to rebuke them if they try to talk to me! crazy right?! i am with an ELDER HORNER, he was transferred in here last week .. the 18th of may! and was with one of the disobedient elders for a week and a half! so he barely knows the area! there is no work dont here, so we basically reopened/whitewashed the area!! yesterday we were flying around talking to everyone doing tons of work! showing the members we are there to work!
we worked so hard! and it has been so crazy here! it is a car area! and elder horner is wonderful! he use to be really disobedient but he has been changing around! and is now the DL!! he is a really good elder! president wants me to keep him straight! in our district, we have the Vietnamese elders! which are sweet! they can go to all the southern states! so we are going to be going down to Atlanta today! but since it is memorial day, our library we go to is closed, Tucker is a subberb of Atlanta! it is pretty much NE Atlanta! Its way neat! since being here, we had 10 invesitgators at sacrement, 4 with a baptism date and are working our butts off! our library is closed, so we are in the Apple Store Emailing you guys! so i dont really have time to email all you guys, or answer your questions! i am very sorry! we need to get going soon! but i wanted to let you know what happened to me! and where i am now, and how much trust President Satterfield has in us to "Reclaim this ward" :) :) :) :) we will go and do (1 nephi 3: 7)

love always, elder nelson

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