Monday, May 16, 2011

May 16, 2011: Eric's Letter Home

date Mon, May 16, 2011 at 7:12 AM
subject Re: Middle of May!!!

Hello Familia! I am doing wonderful here in GA! Transfers are on the 18th! so on Wednesday, and we find out tonight if we are getting transfered and what all is going on though! I talked to Elder Fisher, my trainer the other day and found out that he is going to be the Assissant To the President! Crazy huh? We have 2 elders coming in this transfer, one from Belize and the Other from New Zealand, and a Sister from South Korea! Crazy huh?! We finished off the week strong! we had 4 investigators at church yesterday and 5 less actives! I have been working my butt off! I know for myself that this is the true Gospel that Jesus wants us all to join, and partake of the peace and happiness that it blesses our lives with! He want us to worship him because he wants to bless us and as we follow his commandments we can follow him and feel that joy that cant be matched by anything... especially money and worldy possessions...
I would wait to send that box out, because i dont know whats happening to me yet.. but next monday i will be in a new area possibly or whatever, and will be there for 6 more weeks, but i would just hate to have you guys sent it and have another elder get it and rip into it! and i wouldnt be able to see whats in it ya know? :) haha if you guys could send it next tuesday or something that would be great! i will tell you guys where i am and my new address possibly, next monday that will stick with me for the following 6 weeks! but i am so glad to have you guys be in my life and help me and bless me with these wonderful packages! I recently read your letters and especially when i saw that gina can now recide the alphabet,, i broke down into tears.. it is soooo great to have her progress this much! what a blessing! i love how Heavenly Father Is blessing her to do that! I know that it is because Heavenly Father that he has given her the ability to do that! It is so neat recognize those blessings from him so directly! It is so beautiful! I am so proud of her! tell her that! Thank you guys for everything!! i really needed that! It is so great to see that blessing! Keep me updated on her progress! :) You guys are the best!
Mark Jones is doing Wonderful! He has been activaly engauging in church and loves it more and more everytime he goes! :) I am going to have him record a 3 minute clip on my camera about his story and his change! because he cant write! :) i just wish i could send it to you guys! i may have to put it onto a CD or something! :) The members are so wonderful! they will look after him!
The weather has been heating up hardcore! haha it was in the 90s and the humidity was pretty high also, but during the summer it will be like 5x the humidity haha! its so crazy! like in the apartment i was just sitting there writting a friend and i was sweating! u honestly never stop sweating, only in AC haha! so when we bike 20 miles a day, you sweat non stop! all day! haha and when u get to an appt it looks like you are going to die and went on a 20 mile sprint haha!
Keep me updated on the kids and how their doing okay? :) i love to hear about them! and the progress Heavenly Father blesses them with! I remember the firefighters coming and spraying us! haha i bety shes gonna have so much fun! And the volcanoes they made are gonna erupt also?! haha what a party! ima have to celebrate that way when i hit my 6 month mark! its crazy! in 2 more weeks about, i will have been out for 4 months! crazy huh? its like a snowball that rolls down the hill! Its just going so fast!
Thats neat that kevins graduation went great! :) im proud of him that he now has a job and he is going to be working! thats GREAT! Mom, how did you like the temple? what did you feel when you were there? in your heart? i know it may have been alittle crazy with the kids, but what did you feel in your heart?
I will be praying for you guys and the work! With Faith All Things Are Possible, I have gained that knowlegde time after time! i had an elder from my district here with me for a few days last week and there was a guy that was broken down half way up a massive hill and we went and tried to push it for him.. it didnt move, and we had these feelings that something was gonna happen! and we both started to say individual prayers, i was on the passenger side, elder calcote was behind the car and we were saying silent prayers and were pusjhing with all of our might! The car started rolling, up the hill and we were doing all we could, but without the help of God we honestly couldnt move that car! The car was starting to move outta control and we got it to the top of the hill and we were phsically done.. once we do everything we can with faith, heavenly father will bless us! and we can feel that joy and happiness that is in store for us! Faith is everything! cool story right? we even ended up teaching the guy even though he was Athiest..
Thats so great that you were able to talk to your sister mom! How is she doing? i want you to call her once a month okay? for the rest of my mission.. mom will you do that?
YOU GOT THE MOTHERS DAY CARD?! yes! thats great! I was starting to think that you didnt! i sent it almost 3 and a half weeks ago! crazy huh? elder paxman said that his parent just got his, and he sent like 15 pictures home, but when they got it, it was in an envelope and only one picture was left in it!
I wrote Bro Bennett a poem and he taped it right in his front door! haha :)
I will let you guys know if i get transferred and whats going on the next time i get on to write.. so next monday! :)
But i will be praying for you guys! Again, Know that i love you! and you guys are the best family anyone can ask for! have a great week! oh ya, I sent Gpa nelson a letter with some pictures in it, can you make sure he got it? Thanks! I love you guys!

Love Always,
Your Son,
Elder Nelson

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