Sunday, May 29, 2011

May 29, 2011: Dad's Letter to Eric

Hello Elder,
We get to see your picture in the church hallway now and it looks quite handsome. We are so happy you are out and learning ever more so day by day how to show love for the people by studying more about your Savior and serving those you come in contact with.
I received the forwarded memo from your president. It is an exciting document he has written and wants to share with so many. I have not officially begun to read but will start this round tomorrow and am excited at the results of reading it fast. In the past I have always read slowly, studying as I go but can get the whole picture more quickly now this round.
Kevin has already started communications about deer hunting. The applications are due the middle of June. If money allows we may put in for hunting the Kiabab which is North of the Eastern end of the Grand Canyon. They have some huge muleys up there.

We will be seeing grandpa tomorrow at the cemetery. We should have fun doing that.
Gina asked today at church if she could see you and knows you are in Georgia. She was thinking about you about 1:10 pm.
Taft is coming home Wednesday. I'm sure he is excited and probably quite sad. That huge object of a goal or accomplishment or frontier is now almost behind him and oh so quickly. Nineteen years of anticipation, two years of work, and over. A good thing to have ready for your return is an in depth plan of what you want to do after the mission. I didn't have a plan per se accept work a little, og to school to get some basic classes out of the way and then decide what I wanted to do. I really didn't know what I wanted to do as a career choice But then again it can be quite hard to know what might suit a person. It's okay if you don't know, I just thought it may help with post mission life adjustment but then again that is quite a ways off and you don't even need to think about it now.
Hope you are well and happy. Watch out always for Satan's suttle, tiny, almost unseen embarrassments he will laugh at you with called sins. Try always to see them coming. Obey all the mission rules and white handbook guidelines and learn all you can. Knowledge truly is power. Remember that to be tempted isn't yet sinning, it is holding onto that thought and not dismissing it that we find ourselves already conquered, embarrassed and looking ,begging, and pleading for forgiveness. The Spirit has been offended and has long since left and we are alone, scared, and feeling ill with cold looking for that warmth we are so comfortable with and happy is our guide and securer. Repentance can be quick as we quickly realize the Spirit has left and we feel to ask for forgiveness. Our Loving Savior is extremely quick to forgive and does. He worked hard to work out our Salvation and isn't going to keep forgiveness from any of us now if we work for it.
We are a people so blessed with a knowledge of our Savior and with the ability to make covenants with Him and with our Heavenly Father. We are so blessed to have the scriptures to help us to know them better and a living prophet to give us the current scripture we need today. That is being blessed is it not?
It is my prayer we endure to the end in the gospel covenant we have entered into and when we are not enduring that we quickly see our error and repent and assume our course back to our Heavenly Father.
I love you very much and love our Savior and Heavenly Father very much.
Talk to you soon again. Love, Dad

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