Sunday, May 1, 2011

May 1, 2011: Dad's Letter to Eric

We have had a busy week and a tiring one. I have been getting up at 4:15 every morning to finish a portion of the TMC project. Phase 2 is now done.
Thanks for that interesting, fresh in the mind, story of that great Spiritual experience you had the night before you e-mailed us about your safety status. I'm glad you wrote when you did and that your feelings were still vivid in your mind. That was quite an experience. How is that guy coming along? Is your comp still sleeping through discussions? I did that once while sitting in a large, warm, soft chair, having recently arrived in Peru. I just couldn't help falling asleep! I was still getting over the time difference and work habit change and was exhausted. Spanish is all that was going on and all alien to me and I slowly and surely faded out waking just before my comp finished up the discussion. I was embarrassed and full of flea bites as the chair was infested with them. My comp didn't mind much and I think kind of understood.

We are doing well here and excited to talk to you in a week. It will be an especial great Mother's day for your Mom.
We hope the storms you are having continue to go around you at least those that could take your life! you have quite a future of service to render and I'm sure that as you follow the mission rules you will be protected. It was always comforting to me to feel I was following my mission rules. I didn't worry much about the things going on around me as far as climate or even human danger about.
keep on teaching all you can. That is always the most fun part of any mission and I hope yours is filled with lots of it.

I've had Cline Keele helping me some with some nearby work projects. He helps after school when he can. He's a good help. Thanks for all your prayers and thoughts in our behalf. We are doing very well. I'm going to sign off now and hit the sack. Hope you are happy and your are moving forward.

Much love, Dad

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