Monday, May 30, 2011

May 30, 2011: Second Email from Eric Home

hey guys again, i am super sorry i couldnt really email you guys! i got emergency transferred in here on Saterday and due to the fact that it is Memorial day, all the Libraries are closed.. so we, as a district are all at the apple store in the mall, trying to email all of our families and everything! trying to email as long as we can for an hour... well if that.. we just have to email as long as we can, until we get kicked off! haha! and right now theres a dude that keeps talking to me, and i may have to log off soon, but next week, i will be at the library in tucker, and will be able to write back to everyone on monday :) so again i am very sorry for the inconvenience i have caused.. and i love all of you guys! until next week!
I will work hard in this area!

Love Always,
Elder Eric Dean Nelson

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