Monday, February 7, 2011

Feb 7, 2011: Eric's Letter to Kevin

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From: Eric Nelson
Date: Mon, Feb 7, 2011 at 2:32 PM
Subject: Hey Bro!
To: Kevin Nelson

Hey man! how are things nowadays!? how is the Academy? it was good talking to u last week! its cool man! were on a "Pilot Program" or something like that, on the 3rd day we started 2 teach, they have our teachers be the investigators! like we get in wit our comps and plan and go teach them in the classroom like its their home! it was awesome! based on their needs we taught "chase" and "roy" the Restoration, placed a BOM and challenged them to read the chapter, and taught them that with sincere prayer and if they really wanted to know they would! haha it was sweet! and we taught them what to feel when the spirit testifys! but its sweet man! my Comps like 6'4" hahah big guy! :) hes Tongon! His name is Elder Lauese! hes the man! we get along great! really chill and like 2 laugh! so whats up in AZ man?! hows the real world? haha u still with jill?! :) any new "investigators"?:) hahah! My district is way sick! all 10 of us get along great! and were all going to ATLANTA! haha but ya man its way sick! how is the life of eternal Pdays?! hahaha i bet u dont miss the pdays at all..? :) how we can only write and stuff on pday hahah and do all the laundry and temple and stuff! so dude im pretty ready to leave the mtc! haha like everyone says that its so amazing! and they dont want 2 leave! but ya i give it 2 them that its spiritual! but i dont like how everythings the same! ... Always the same! hahah and everythings so tightly scheduled! its like when 1 class is done, another starts like at that time that 1 just ended! haha but it is alright, just way repedative! im pretty excited 2 get out inj the field! every1 here is wierd, they never teach by the spirit, like the missionaries, they teach lessons, and not people, we teach by the spirit and its so much easier, and better! it comes from the heart! and it is so joyful after ward! :) anyways man i gotta go! write ya/ hear from u soon! :)

Elder Nelson

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