Monday, February 14, 2011

Feb 14, 2011: Eric's Letter to Kevin

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From: Eric Nelson
Date: Mon, Feb 14, 2011 at 11:11 AM
Subject: Re: Hey Bro!
To: Kevin Nelson

hahahahahah ya man, its pretty great here, like its cool and everything, alot 2 know and learn, but my and my comp are doing reaally well, we both individually have the first 3 lessons down way good! and learning tons of dif ways for teaching and meeting/ teaching off the investigators needs! haha we have taught like 12 times so far! like the 3rd day, they immersed us right into teaching! we had a way spiritualk experience the other day! we taught a man and wife named Jose and Haley Meza, we went into the lesson planning on teaching the restoration, but after we started and all that he just really wanted to know why kids are suffering and why kids are born into a world where they cant choose what kinds of lives they want, we went blank, and started bearing testimony on how Heavenly Father loves us all and gives us agency, and alll this was directed by the spirit, we didnt know where 2 turn after those Q's! then i felt prompted to share nicoles and ginas stories, and i tied into it how much this gospel has blessed their lives! and then taught about missionaru work alittle bit, and how were trying to bring all unto Christ for the blessings and happiness it brings to their souls! and at this time, we were all crying, and taught him how 2 pray and he said the last prayer and we challenged him 2 keep praying with his wife! then right after that he begged us for another lesson! we saw him the 2nd time the other day and we taught lesson 3, and as we rounded baptism, we challenged him to follow christs example, and everything and he committed to be baptised on Feb. 22nd! way awesome experince! dude i have like 6 minutes left! but i just wanted 2 get that out 2 ya! it was so great! we left the building so joyful! with the biggest grins upon out faces! ir u want u can share this story wit mom/dad haha i dont wanna write it out again! :) just forward it or something, or call them! bring Mom unto Christ! tell her the blessings she will recieve if she does! :)
What do u mean ill recognize3 sin more then ever in the field? just like ur completely submersed into it? the food is sooooooooooo baum dude! yhahahah like it brings happiness to my soul! and fills it with desires to take massive craps in every toilet that i come itno contact with! :) hahahahahahha! im working on getting tons of scriptural references for the 1st lesson, for likle every point! i think thatd help so much in lessons! teach the pure doctrine with testimony and the spirit and it will bring conversion not only to urself! :)
im pretty7 tired every day man! like i only get like 6.5-7 hours a night cause every one stays up late flirting with eachother, haha but i get through the day and feel the spirit so much! kk man i will do that challenge on reading the BOM everyday! :) sorry i couldnty get 2 all ur Qs, but i gotta run man! ill write u back on monday! ohhh ya i fligh out the 22nd to ATL, we leave the MTC at like 400am! hjahah and our flight is at like 7! but ill write doiwn the flight # next time, so u can pass it 2 gma and gpa and mom and dad! :) i gotta go!
Adios Joto-megas-pimp-daddy! :) how r u an jillian? haha

Elder Nelson!! ;)

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