Monday, February 28, 2011

Feb 28, 2011: Eric's Letter to Mom

Date: Mon, 28 Feb 2011 12:02:09 -0500
Subject: Re: Hello!!!
From: Eric Nelson
To: Lisa Nelson (Mom)

hey mom!!! :) its so great to hear from u guys! i dont have much time left! i wrote a ton 2 josh! but im in a city called Marietta, Georgia! :) its just northwest of ATL like 30 or so miles! but were up in the north part of the mission! :) awesome! im excited to get ur guys letter! i should get it soon! my comp is great! his name is elder fisher! hes been out for 6 months, oh ya, the whole aea im in right now is all bike hahah! no car! and the humidity is kicking in! but we had a great week last week! we had 6 investigators at church! 56 contacts this week! 9 less actives at church! taught 20 total lessons! and 5 momber present lessons! we have 5 new investigators! and 1 guy named turner with a baptisimal date! for march 26th! we set that like 2 days ago! and he wants ur to go back and teach his family! (wife, and 3 kids) this week! :) and a guy named mark jones or m.j. hahaha is an investigator of ours and we met him street contacting in the projects on last wed! my first day! anyways he made it to church on sunday and cried! we taught the lesson in sunday school and cried cause he felt the spirit! he wants us to come back this week and teach him and he said he wantsa to go to church next week! :) awesome people here! the hospitality is amazing! im only gonna have a few minutes to write back to kevin, call him and tell him ill write a letter to him, and just 2 respond to my letter by email okay? :) thanks so much! GA is awesome! i sent josh some pics! have him send em 2 u guys! :) and have shaun put them on facebook if u would! :) thats be way cool! but im doing great! the humidity id starting to set in right now and the all bike area just makes it hotter ahhahah! u litterally die everyday! hahha :) but
my address is:

Elder Eric Nelson
485 Goose Ridge Drive SW
Marietta, GA 30064

thank you guys so much for everything uve done for me! i love u guys soooooo much! take care! and ill write u guys when i get the letter! :)
Elder Nelson

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